Diabetes: Healthy diet can lead to a positive sense of life

A healthy diet has a positive influence on the blood pressure and blood fat values

More and more people in Germany are diagnosed with Diabetes. After diagnosis, Sufferers are often treated quickly medically. However, in many cases, the disease without medication. Important here is, above all, a healthy diet is.

Diabetes without medication

According to health experts, living in Germany, some 7.5 million people with Diabetes. 95 percent of them have type 2 Diabetes. In the case of a large part of these patients, the disease can be controlled even without medication. Important here is a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and adequate exercise.

Positive influence on blood pressure and blood fat values

Many diabetics have Overweight or obesity (severe Overweight).

You benefit from a weight loss. Because a healthy diet has a positive influence on blood – pressure and blood-fat levels, and prevents diseases in the long term.

In addition, through a healthy weight, a new positive sense of life.

A healthy diet and sufficient exercise

“With a Change of lifestyle – a healthy diet and sufficient exercise”, it can counteract the success of obese patients with Diabetes, “insulin resistance, the underlying disease,” said Michaela Berger, Board member of diabetesDE – German Diabetes aid in a communication.

“About half of all people with Diabetes type 2 could get by without medication,” says the Nurse.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, so the same rules apply to people with Diabetes – whether type 1 or type 2 – and people whose metabolism is perfectly healthy, basically:

Many whole-grain products, like legumes, two-hand pieces of fruit per day, plenty of vegetables (three times formed two hands full, a shell), animal products rather than a Supplement to, and preferably vegetable Oils.

Water is the best drink, in the Form of a tea or coffee.

More fiber and less sugar

Adequate exercise may not be missing – at least 30 minutes per day.

“Added sugars should not exceed ten percent of the daily energy; with an average calorie requirement of 2000 Kcal for a woman in the 200 sugar calories, or 50 grams of sugar,“ explained Berger.

In addition, less than 30 percent of the energy should be in the Form of fat consumed is rather low in fat, but ideally at least 40 grams of fiber – the fiber.

“The more fiber and the less sugar you eat, the easier it is for the parties Concerned, to keep the blood sugar levels under control and reduce body weight, or to keep”, says the expert.

In front of a Low-Carb diet with the doctor to talk

In this expert chat by diabetesDE – German Diabetes help Mrs Berger also answered questions about the effects of specific diets, such as Low-Carb diets.

“The goal of diets, to Low Carb, is always to keep a low intake of carbohydrates the secretion of Insulin low,” says the Nurse.

“The fact that the body gets hardly any carbohydrates, from which he can gain power, he must rely on the body’s own fat as energy supplier (this process is referred to as ketosis); in the result of the fat reserves of the body are reduced.“

Patients taking pills that stimulate insulin production, but should speak in front of a transition to a Low-Carb diet with his doctor in order to avoid severe hypoglycaemia.

Interval fasting as an Alternative

Also interval fasting can help you lose weight.

“Most people with type 2 Diabetes who have become accustomed over many years to a Hyper-caloric diet, are not excited, if you are advised to weight loss,” said Berger.

“The prospect for the Rest of your life every day “Hunger” suffering, reduces the willingness to a Change of eating habits involved,” the diabetes expert.

As an Alternative, the interval is propagated fast. The patients are allowed five days of the week eat as much as you want, when you lower for the remaining two days of the intake to under 500 calories, or a quarter of the demand.

A further method is the 16/8 fasting is 16 hours fasting of the day and eight hours of food, but specifically healthy. (ad)