At 40, Kate Hudson Just Show Off Her Post-Baby Abs In A New Topless Instagram

  • Kate Hudson just showed off her seriously toned post-baby abs in a topless Instagram.
  • The actress and Fabletics cofounder has been a Weight Watchers ambassador since giving birth to her third child, Rani.
  • Kate loves to do Pilates and at-home spin classes with Peloton.

After giving birth to her third child a little over a year ago, Kate Hudson has worked hard to get back into shape, and it shows. The actress and Fabletics cofounder just shared a topless Instagram of herself—post-baby abs on full display.

“West coast vs. East coast fall styling for my Ultra Highwaist Corset Skinny Jean,” she captioned the post. “Which coast do you lean…?” Kate shared two pics. In the first, she’s topless and casually chilling in her black jeans. In the other, she’s fully clothed, pairing the jeans with a blue deep V-neck blouse. She looks amazing in both, natch, but her abs are phenomenal in the first.

Kate recently joked on her Instagram Story that her abs weren’t quite the same after having her daughter Rani. “Still trying to reconnect, I guess,” she said, while playfully trying to squeeze her abs together. Tbh, you can’t tell here—her abs are straight fire.

People definitely noticed in the comments. “Wowzer. Wowzer Wowzer Wowzer,” wrote one. “Girl. Woah,” another said.

Kate has been a Weight Watchers ambassador since having Rani, and she’s made it pretty clear that she’s been putting in the effort to get back to her pre-baby shape. For starters, Kate’s big on Pilates.“Pilates makes my day better and that’s just the straight truth! Every time I finish a class I feel two inches taller, lighter, and more grounded,” she wrote in one Instagram video.

She’s also into spinning. “I spin sometimes but, for me, Peloton is the best no-excuse workout—especially if I only have 20 minutes to spare,” she told Women’s Health UK. “And I love riding my bike—to me, that’s not a workout.”

Kate recently wrote on Instagram that, while she’s disciplined with what she eats, she lost the baby weight “without stressing on food or working out like crazy.”

Well, that all sounds totally doable.

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