Amy Schumer Just Shared A Video Showing EXACTLY What It Was Like To Have Hyperemesis Gravidarum

  • Amy Schumer shared a video montage of just how bad her hyperemesis gravidarum was during her pregnancy.
  • Hyperemesis gravidarum is essentially severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, and is not the same a morning sickness.
  • Amy gave birth to her son Gene Attell Fischer on May 5, 2019

When Amy Schumer revealed she had hyperemesis gravidarum (a.k.a, severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy) in November, she made it pretty clear that she felt terrible, practically 24/7 while pregnant.

But now, Amy is now sharing with fans on Instagram just how bad it was—and she’s got the videos to prove it. “For your consideration… #GROWING #PUKEWARNING Swipe!” she captioned them. And yeah, #pukewarning is right…

The video series starts with a heavily pregnant Amy looking out a window at a serene waterfall. “I’m just staring at a waterfall, like you do when you’re pregnant,” she says. The video honestly seems pretty peaceful at first—just Amy sitting in a chair, talking to the camera. But then, it takes a turn.

The video immediately cuts to a montage of Amy severely vomiting in pretty much every scenario imaginable. There’s Amy heaving into what appears to be a public toilet, Amy puking out a car door, and Amy hurling in a comedy club while her husband casually looks at his phone (he must have been used to it by this point). Amy can then be seen onstage. “Could anyone hear me throwing up upstairs?” she asks the crowd, as people laughed.

For your consideration… #GROWING #PUKEWARNING Swipe!

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“I did a show last night, I’m doing a show tonight and I’ve been throwing up all day,” a disheveled Amy says in one shot.

Then, Amy’s vomiting starts up again: She’s seen throwing up on a plane and in a moving car—twice. “Just a working comic…puking,” she says. She then can be seen vomiting into a bucket while doing a radio interview, at the gym,and in various bathrooms. “I threw up so hard yesterday that I popped all the blood vessels,” she says, pointing to her eye.

Amy can then be seen at a hospital, telling someone that she had thrown up blood a few days before that. “F—ing love being pregnant. It’s the s—,” she says during another moment as she’s seen clutching a barf bag in a car.

So yeah. It’s pretty safe to say that Amy had a rough pregnancy—luckily, with the birth of her son Gene on May 5, Amy is officially done with her hyperemesis gravidarum (it stops as soon as a woman gives birth). I think we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief for Amy for that.

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