A new COVID landscape in China

masks street china

COVID was first found in China. It caused a lot of disruptions early on, but the country has a unique COVID policy. Can you explain how China has been dealing with the virus until recently?

When you talk about the biology of the virus, do you mean that you can’t just lock the doors and hope it goes away?

And when you say fortify, you mean vaccination.

It seems like the population was set up by three years of basically lockdowns upon lockdowns. Do we know if it worked at all by reducing the number of COVID cases and deaths?

So after ending lockdowns and testing, China now has a real crisis on its hands. It’s seeing a spike in infections, hospitalizations, and death. What does that mean for China? And what does it mean for the rest of the world?

Let’s talk about vaccines. China had its own vaccine. A lot of people got two doses, and it was later determined three doses were needed. So it would stand to reason that they would go back out and try to vaccinate people. Is that what’s happening?

What do we think the numbers are going to look like in China in the coming weeks?

What do you see going forward in China?

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