Kilian Hennessy Fetes Scented Lipsticks With House Party

Kilian Hennessy prides himself on providing women with what he called "weapons of seduction." The latest in his arsenal? A line of scented lipsticks.
Hennessy and wife Elizabeth Jones-Hennessy feted the first lipstick collection, Le Rouge Parfum, from Kilian the brand, at their Manhattan home on Tuesday. The party, cohosted by friend Erin Hazelton, drew a range of editors, influencers, designers and celebrity makeup artists, including Vashtie Kola, Renata Zandonadi, Tanya Taylor, Daniel Martin, Troy Surratt and Romy Soleimani. In the spirit of social media — and, of course, good lighting — the celebration was complete with a photo studio where photographer Guillaume Roemaet lensed guests wearing their preferred shade from Kilian's new line.
Le Rouge Parfum consists of six shades carrying Kilian's Love, Don't Be Shy scent. The line launched exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue last month and has so far received a "surprisingly amazing" reception, said Hennessy, who revealed he tried the lipsticks himself before launch.
"A lot of people feel like lipsticks don’t have a smell, but actually lipsticks do have a smell," he said. "If you smell a Dior lipstick, a Chanel lipstick, Saint Laurent lipstick, they almost always have this rose, powdery smell. Then, when MAC launched 25 years ago, they did a vanilla smell. MAC was the first one to decide to change the smell of a lipstick. I always had that in mind."
Hennessy plans to expand the lipstick line with 12 more shades of red in satin and matte finishes. "I don’t know one woman, model, actress, one person around me who hasn’t told me, 'I’m always looking for the perfect red,'" he said. "That’s the color that I do love on women, so why not be known for reds and only reds to start?"
He also has plans to expand his cosmetics offerings with a scented face powder, aka "miracle product."
"The brief that I gave is: I want for the woman who just partied on Thursday night and needs to arrive Friday morning looking fresh and glowing at work, hiding her night out," he said. "That’s what I’m working on. I’m going to use it."
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