USA: the First drug against postpartum depression approved

About one out of nine frischbgebackenen mothers suffer after the birth of your child to a postpartum depression. On Tuesday, the US authorities have approved the first drug that was specifically developed for the treatment of this type of Depression. In contrast to the usual antidepressants, the effects, the active ingredient Brexanolon after a few days.

The American Board for the authorisation of medicinal products Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has responded positively to the new drug Brexanolon, and is likely to be from the end of June in the USA. Tiffany Farchione, Deputy Director of the division of psychiatry products of the FDA, said: "This is the first approval for a drug to be used specifically for the treatment of depression after birth. This represents an important new treatment option." In the EU as yet no admission has been filed.

The advantage of Brexanolon is that it acts within two days, whereas the effect of traditional antidepressants weeks or months. However, it must be administered intravenously over 60 hours administered in a hospital, as in the case of some women during the clinical studies, the fainting occurred. Among the most common side effects are drowsiness and dry mouth.

Postpartum Depression is a serious illness that the mother-child bond is strongly impaired. In severe cases, it can lead to thoughts of suicide or personal injury to the child. 2012 suffered in the United States 11.5 per cent of the mothers in a postpartum depression. In contrast to the "Baby Blues", occurs shortly after birth and disappears again, on a post-Natal Depression, mostly later, and can be long-lasting.


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