This Is The Point Most Couples Become Dissatisfied With Their Sex Lives

A healthy sex life is totally subjective of course, but no matter how great it was at the start of the relationship, things will (inevitably) slow down. At what point, you ask?! Well, it differs from couple to couple. That said, there’s a couple of factors in particular that may determine how frequently you and bae do the deed: your marital status.

In a new study out of Germany, Dr Elyakim Kislev analysed the bedroom habits of 3,207 participants aged 32-46, who were split into 7 groups: married, never married, divorced/separated, single, living apart together and cohabitating. They were then quizzed on their sexual self-esteem, communication and levels of satisfaction.

Out of this came a few interesting findings:

“The only exception is that of unmarried individuals who currently have no partner,” Dr Kislev explained. “This particular group scored lower than the married group in terms of sexual satisfaction. However, the main reason that they were less sexually satisfied than married couples was their sex frequency, which was naturally lower for non-partnered singles than for couples.

Funnily enough, this group reported higher levels of sexual self-esteem and communication that the married participants.

“Therefore, it seems that it is not marriage that is beneficial to sexual satisfaction, but rather having a partner, which is many times a personal choice,” Dr Kislev added.

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