It Turns Out Women Feel Horniest At A Totally Different Time Of Day To Men

Feel like your time-to-have sex clock is set on a completely different time-zone to your beau? Yeah, that’s normal. In fact, according to new research from adult toy retailer, Lovehoney, men and women reach peak horniness at totally opposite hours of the day.

The survey, which looked at data from 2,300 adults, found that men prefer to start things off with a bang between 6 and 9 am (specifically, 7.54 am was the most popular time reported). On the other hand, women prefer to make love between 11 pm and 2 am (although apparently, 11.21 pm hits the sweet spot for most of us.)

This can partly be put down to our differing hormonal cycles – men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning, while ours increase gradually through the day.

But despite what you may think, being out of sync doesn’t necessarily spell the end of your sex life. Experts say there is a way to make mismatched libidos work for the both of you: learn to be flexible. 

In an interview with Health, Dr Allison Hill, an ob-gyn at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles explained that women are particularly good at this, as our desire is influenced by many factors.

“The current thought is that female libido is very complicated, but most of it is psychological. And usually, it doesn’t have much to do with the woman’s partner,” she said.

“Instead, it’s more about how the woman feels about herself and her sexuality.”

Translation: the more confidence you have in regards to your body, the more open to getting busy you’ll be – regardless of what the clock says.

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