Psyche: A day’s work a week enough

Many people fear that technical progress will soon take over much of the work currently being done by the people. In a recent study, it was examined how much paid work at all for the psychological well-being of the people is necessary.

According to the results of the study in the journal "Social Science and Medicine" was released, which reduces the risk for mental health problems by an average of 30 percent, when people from unemployment or family work moved to the home to paid work of about eight hours per week.

The researchers, however, found no evidence to suggest that more than eight hours per week to increase the well-being of more: A full-time job from 37 to 40 hours, had no other effects on mental health than other work. They conclude, therefore, that a paid working day per week is for the mental well-being is sufficient.

"We have effective dosage guidelines for everything from Vitamin C to the sleep duration, to make us feel better. However, this is the first Time that the question of paid work made wird", Dr. Brendan Burchell said, a sociologist at the University of Cambridge. "We know that unemployment affects the well-being of the people and a negative effect on the identity, Status, time management and a sense of community affects. We now have an idea of how much paid work is required in order to achieve the psycho-social benefits of employment – and this is not much."