Late fatherhood is fraught with risks for both mother and child

Not only the age of the mother for the course of a pregnancy is crucial. New research shows that the age of the father affects the risk for malformations and developmental disorders in the offspring. Similarly, female partners of older men are more likely to suffer complications in her pregnancy.

"The potential risks of late Parenthood have been considered for a long time, mainly in relation to the age of the woman. The influence of the age of the father was yet vernachlässigt", University Professor Dr. rer reported. nat Stefan Schlatt, Director of the center for reproductive medicine and andrology, University hospital Münster. Meanwhile, studies repeatedly indicate that a higher age of the father complications when a child, and the mother favors.

A large in the British Medical Journal published a study shows that pregnancies with the oldest fathers, the most unfavorable course. A age of the father age of 45 went hand in hand in comparison to the age of 25 and 34 years, with a significantly higher risk for preterm birth and low birth weight. The children of the oldest fathers needed also significantly more likely to be a respiratory support after birth and had to often be on an intensive care unit. "Other previous studies have shown that disorders such as autism and schizophrenia are also associated with the age of the father sind", supplemented Schlatt. Also the risk for the mother to develop gestational diabetes, increased with the age of the father. Until more study results are available, recommends Dr. med. Heide Siggelkow of the German society for endocrinology (DGE), mothers and fathers to better educate and the possible risks. "Under this point of view, I rate men under the age of 40, think about whether the Freezing of their sperm, an Option to be könnte", the clinical endocrinologist says.