Stars Who Swear by Meditation

Breathe in, breath out, say om — get zen! Hollywood stars often lead the charge on wellness trends, and the practice of meditation is no different.

Celebrities from Connie Britton to Megan Fox to Paul McCartney are known to stay centered by taking anywhere from three to 10 minutes or more a day to meditate. Other stars and business people rave about the benefits of meditating daily — which can include everything from lowering anxiety to stopping wrinkles and getting glowing skin to reducing stress and inflammation to improving sleep to gaining energy and combatting fatigue.

Whether you’re thinking of practicing Transcendental Meditation (known as TM), Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, a Moving Meditation such as yoga or simply adopting a mantra and focused breathing, there’s a technique out there for you!

Scroll through to find out what famous actors, singers, TV hosts and other meditators have revealed about the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of keeping a meditation practice.

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