Enzyme that makes hormones ineffective: Why are women, in spite of the pill to get pregnant – Video

A Team of scientists did not accept that the women are to blame when it comes to a pregnancy in spite of taking the pill. Now you have come to the true reason for on the track.

The genes can have an influence on how drugs work. So the anti-baby pill, such as gynaecologists, the University of Colorado (USA) have found out. This could be a phenomenon on the track: pregnancies in spite of taking the pill. The researchers assume that these women have a Gene that breaks down the the prevention means active hormones.

This should be the Background, which is why the pill is not 100 percent sure. So far, scientists could not explain why 0.1 to 0.9 of every 100 women be in spite of the pill to get pregnant. Often the women were, that they would not have taken the tablets reliable.

An enzyme reduces the steroids in the pill

Study leader Aaron Lazorwitz is confident to have the key found: "We have discovered an enzyme that breaks down the hormones in the contraceptive. Some women have an increased risk to be, in spite of the pill to get pregnant. Especially if it is a low hormone dose."

Lazorwitz and his Team studied 350 women with an average age of 22.5 years, the contraception hormonally. The results, published in the magazine "Obstetrics & Gynecology". Five percent of the participants were carriers of a gene that is normally present in fetuses active. Shortly before the birth, it ceases to work. However, some women who carry the CYP3A7 enzyme as adults. Now it should be explored whether there are other factors to unwanted pregnancies.

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