Amber Rose, Duchess Kate, More Moms Who Suffered From Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Not private about their pregnancies! These celebrity moms have suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum and shared their stories about the tough time.

The pregnancy complication, which is characterized by severe nausea and dehydration, takes morning sickness to an extreme. While mild cases are treated with dietary changes and rest, some mothers-to-be end up in the hospital receiving fluid and nutrition through an IV.

NYC reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Jaime Knopman told Us Weekly exclusively in September 2017: “Oddly enough there are some studies that women with HG have a lower miscarriage rate. The thinking is that the higher hCG levels indicate a healthy and robust placenta. The better the placenta, the better the chance that the pregnancy will progress.”

Duchess Kate suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum when she was pregnant with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Other celebrity moms, including Amy Schumer and Amber Rose, have opened up about similar experiences.

The SlutWalk founder told her Instagram followers in May 2019 that she had gone through this while carrying her son, Sebastian, and that her second pregnancy was no different.

“For people that don’t know what it is, it’s basically extreme nausea, vomiting and dehydration, and [I’m] really, really tired,” Rose told her social media followers at the time. “I can eat a little bit more now because I’m in my second trimester, but not much, and I pretty much sleep all day.”

She added: “I try to, like, be cute and get my hair done, and then I just slept in it and messed it up. All in all, babies are a blessing. God bless women, man. We are resilient. We get through it. It’s really, really hard being pregnant. I’m not gonna lie.”

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