Your Guide to The Perfect Summer Lemonade

The sun is heating up and that means we’re increasingly thirsty for something cold, tart, sweet, and refreshing — lemonade. But we don’t want to settle for something humdrum when we could up the ante a little. That’s why our secret to the perfect summer lemonade is thinking outside the box, adding ingredients like passionfruit, violet, and coconut to layer in some complexity. Trust us when we say that after looking at these recipes, you’ll kiss your old one goodbye.

1. Sparkling passionfruit lemonade

Give your classic lemonade recipe a refreshing makeover that balances tart lemon juice with passionfruit syrup and sparkling water.

2. Peach lemonade green tea

Boost your mood and your energy with a pitcher of lemonade that’s infused with the flavor of ripe peaches and antioxidant-rich green tea.

3. Blueberry violet lemonade

Blueberries and violets turn this lemonade a vibrant shade of purply fuschia, while mint, honey, and maple syrup layer in the flavor.

4. Strawberry CBD lemonade

Sipping lemonade on the porch on a hot day is already relaxing. Add a few drops of CBD oil and some cheery summer strawberries, and you’ll really be able to sink into that rocking chair.

5. Coconut lavender lemonade

This lemonade pushes all of the boundaries – it’s extra tart, extra creamy, and extra sweet. Serve it over ice, or go all out and blend with ice to make a frozen beverage.

6. Iced coffee lemonade

We know it sounds a little out there, but this Italian summer favorite pairs tangy lemonade with iced coffee. The lemon helps bring out the citrusy notes in the coffee, while sliced plums enhance the fruity sweetness.

7. Mint cucumber lemonade

You’ll feel like you’re at the spa when you spike your lemonade with cooling cucumber and aromatic mint.

8. Saffron-infused lemonade

This recipe makes extra saffron simple syrup, which is a good thing. After you use it to sweeten your lemonade, you can add it to cocktails, tea, and spritzers to lend them a unique flavor.

9. Rhubarb lemonade with orange and cardamom

Rhubarb and lemon bring out the best of each other’s lip-puckering taste. Don’t forget the orange and cardamom if you really want to wow.

10. Grilled lemon thyme lemonade

It’s true that everything tastes better on the grill, and that includes your lemonade. Charred lemon and thyme infuse your pitcher with smoky caramelized flavor. Add a shot of mezcal to your glass if you really want to let loose.

11. Rose nectar hibiscus lemonade

You’ll be the fanciest host on the block when you make a batch of rose nectar and hibiscus lemonade. Hang on to the leftover rose nectar – it’ll add a floral flair to summer cocktails.

12. Chai lemonade

This spiced chai lemonade is basically like the world’s fanciest version of an Arnold Palmer.

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