When the colour of your urine may be signalling something wrong with your health

From dark yellow to taking on a pink hue, any colour diverting from pale yellow to straw-yellow colouring could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

Mr Zelhof said: “The colour of your urine can vary based on factors like hydration, diet, and medications.

“Overall, a pale yellow to straw-yellow colour is considered normal and indicates proper hydration.”

Mr Zelhof added: “Unusual urine colours can indicate underlying health issues.”

Dark yellow, or amber-coloured urine, could be indicative of dehydration and the need to drink more fluids.

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“Dark brown or tea-coloured might suggest a liver disorder or muscle breakdown,” stated Mr Zelhof.

“If your urine is pink or reddish, this could be due to the presence of blood in the urine.

“[This] might indicate kidney problems, urinary tract infections, or other serious issues such as cancer.”

Mr Zelhof also cautioned about bright orange urine, which could suggest potential liver or bile duct issues.

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Lighter orange urine, on the other hand, could be due to certain medications or from consuming foods high in beta-carotene, such as carrots.

“Blue or green urine is extremely rare and can be from certain medications or dyes,” said Mr Zelhof.

Such colours could also be indicative of a rare genetic condition called Hartnup disease.

Hartnup disease occurs when the body is unable to absorb certain amino acids from the diet.

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Mr Zelhof stated: “While urine colour can provide some insights into your health, it’s just one factor among many.

“It’s important to consider other symptoms and consult a healthcare professional for a proper evaluation if you have concerns.

“Any significant changes in urine colour that are not related to diet or medications should be investigated, especially if you have other symptoms like fever, chills, back pain, or abdominal pain.”

Mr Bachar Zelhof is a Consultant Urologist at the private healthcare clinic Pall Mall Medical.

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