Walking for weight loss: Five ways to walk more steps every day

Many of us find it difficult to make time for rigorous fitness regimes.

But thankfully, there are ways you can get fit and lose weight without spending hours at the gym.

Burning calories and slimming down can be as easy as walking more every day.

So how can you increase the number of steps you complete?

Five ways to increase your step count

1. Park far away

It goes without saying that it’s impossible to walk everywhere.

But if you’re commuting or taking a long car journey, there are still ways to get your steps in.

Consider parking a bit further from your destination than you normally would.

Alternatively, hop off the bus or train a few stops earlier.

3. Take the stairs

Don’t hop in the lift, challenge yourself to walk up stairs instead.

Climbing up and down steps helps to tone your calves and work your glutes.

It also has greater calorie burning potential.

HealthStatus notes a person who weighs 11st torches around nine calories during a minute of walking up a set of stairs. 

Comparitvely, standing in a lift burns around two kcals per minute.

4. Have regular breaks

Instead of sitting in your office chair all day, try to get moving.

Going for a couple of short walks during the day will help to up your step count.

Taking time away from your computer screen may also have mental benefits.

Physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain, which can help you to feel happier.

5. Walk and talk

Many of us enjoy fidgeting when we’re taking a long phone call.

So instead of pacing around in your room, why not take your mobile outdoors.

To challenge yourself, vow to keep walking until the person on the other end hangs up.

You’ll then be faced with doing even more steps to make your way back home.

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