Walking for weight loss: Burn three times more calories with this tip

Looking to slim down without going to the gym?

You’ll be pleased to know you can burn calories and tone up simply by going for a stroll.

The NHS recommends walking for weight loss – and it has a whole load of other health benefits too.

Here are some ways to burn more calories while you’re getting your steps in.

Harvard Health estimates that a 11st person torches around 150 calories by walking at a leisurely pace for 30 minutes.

So walking for half an hour every day may see you burn around 1,050kcal a week.

The calories are around half a man’s recommended intake of food – so working them off could aid slimming.

While going for short walks is a great way to kick-start your weight loss journey, employing different techniques may help you see results quicker.

One way to torch more calories is to vary the incline of roads you’re walking on.

It’s tougher to walk on hillier routes, so your body will be pushed to burn off more energy.

The Colombia University health website explains: “Terrain variation is particularly helpful.

“Walking downhill actually uses about the same amount of energy as walking on a flat surface, unless it is unsteady terrain.

“Working to keep your balance will burn more energy, unless the surface makes you so unsteady that you have to walk significantly more slowly.”

Uphill paths are even more beneficial – and taking these could see you triple your calorie-burning potential.

The experts add: “”Walking up a hill with a 15 degree slope will cause you to use a third more energy than walking on a level surface.”

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