This is the Best Self-Care Routine for Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology gives insights into personality, compatibility with spouses and lovers, as well as when to charge forward into new beginnings, and how to succeed in whatever you put your mind to. When paired with self-care, astrology can also help you relax and reclaim that part of yourself that tends to get lost in the bustle of the day. Combining the wisdom of astrology with the growing need for direction and good sense in self-care and life in general, my astrological self-care series of books, The Little Book of Self-Care, aims to make people aware of the connections your sign has with herbs, treatments, exercise, therapies, gems, spices, food — the list is endless! Each sign also has a part of the body which it traditionally rules, and customized self-care to nourish and protect that specific area is especially important. When you prioritize your self-care practice to ensure you are choosing the best options for your unique sign, know that you are actively working to create the version of yourself that the universe intends you to be.

These are my favorite tips to enhance the energy and physical well-being of each astrological sign.


Punch It Out!

Aries can be a determined sign and, like the Ram that represents it, you may use this trait to push your way to success in pretty much everything you try. However, this level of intensity isn’t always a good thing for your health or overall well-being. Take care of yourself by getting all that tension and intensity, and any residual anger, out of your system…by taking some swings at a punching bag!

Pretend you’re punching that frustrating work project, the coffee shop that never gets your order right, or that computer that crashed right before you were about to send your email. This type of physical self-care will get your heart rate up — perfect for a fire sign! — and you’ll be able to clear your head and focus on what’s really important: you!


Protect Your Throat

Taurus, an earth sign, rules the throat. Communication is key to earth signs, and when something interferes with that communication, whether it be a blocked throat chakra or even a sore throat, Taurus’ confidence and strength can suffer. So protect your throat! In the colder months wear a scarf or muffler around your throat. Try meditating with turquoise to open up your throat chakra. If you do get a sore throat, treat it quickly and naturally with a saltwater gargle, honey, lemon water, or ginger tea.


Find a Double Terminated Crystal

Double terminated crystals are unique stones that allow energy to flow in multiple directions through them. A double terminated crystal has two points, on opposite sides of the crystal. Your crystal may be diamond shaped if it has double termination points. Seek out these rare crystals for their open energy flow. Meditate with them to help clear any negative thoughts and emotions. The two points of a double terminated crystal are perfect for Gemini’s dual mind.

Look for double terminated aquamarine crystals and clear quartz in particular. Aquamarine crystals invoke the healing power of the ocean, while clear quartz symbolizes purity. These are beneficial for a calming meditation and continued mental clarity.


Try Hydrotherapy

As the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer needs plenty of H2O in her self-care regimen. Ease into your natural element with hydrotherapy. This soothing practice can involve a number of treatments, from underwater massages to soaking tubs full of minerals. Hydrotherapy is also a great tool for exercising your body following an operation or injury. Ask your doctor and research the best practices for you and your health needs. You can find a spa near you that offers the many healing effects of hydrotherapy, or create your own therapeutic oasis with a relaxing bath or foot soak.


Take Care of Your Mane

A lion’s mane is a point of pride—and the same should be true for Leo. An important part of self-care is feeling good about yourself, so if you need a boost, indulge yourself by cleaning out your old, expired, and no-good hair products in your cabinets, and make room for the new and improved!

New shampoo, conditioners, and vitamin-enriched hair products will keep Leo’s mane shining. When you have time, treat yourself to a hair mask, Moroccan oil, or hot-oil treatment. Grooming shouldn’t be tiresome—it can be an indulgent, spa-like experience. So light a candle, put on your favorite robe, and fluff some towels in the dryer so you have a warm towel after you get out of the bath or shower to create your own at-home spa.


Finish a Meal with Peppermint Tea

Virgo often needs a little extra help ensuring smooth digestion. One easy idea is to drink a cup of bright peppermint tea after your meal. Peppermint tea is known to help digestion while minimizing any gas or bloating. You can buy peppermint tea at the store, or make your own at home. To make your own, simply buy fresh peppermint (choose organic, if possible), clean it, and then crush the leaves with a mortar and pestle (or the back of a spoon). Place the crushed leaves into a mug (put them in a tea infuser or tea ball if you have one) and add boiling water. Let steep for 7–12 minutes to desired flavor intensity, and then strain the leaves out (if applicable) before drinking.


Drink Plenty of Water

Libra rules over the kidneys. The kidneys are an important part of your overall health. These small powerhouses work to remove toxins and other waste from your blood before it is pumped up to your heart. In order to promote proper kidney function, you should make sure you’re drinking the recommended amount of water each day (depending on sex, lifestyle, climate, and health). Drink up, Libra!


Have Fun—but Be Safe

There’s a sexual energy possessed by Scorpio that the other signs just can’t match. It’s not your fault that you were granted this gift, and you shouldn’t feel any shame in enjoying it. However, it’s important for you and your partner to always be safe. Take the necessary steps to ensure that your adventures in (and out of) the bedroom don’t put either of you at risk—and then enjoy! Try out new positions, locations, and situations; spice things up any way you want. Embrace this prowess and let the physical manifestation of your passion deepen your connection.


Relax under an Oak Tree

Sacred to the Sagittarian ruler Jupiter, oak has represented the link between the spiritual and natural worlds since ancient Greece and Rome. Reacquaint yourself with the great outdoors—and your planetary ruler—by stretching out under an oak tree or climbing its branches (you do love adventure).

Those past civilizations also saw oak as a protective charm, and the mythological Greek warrior Jason of the Argonauts used a sacred oak branch in the building of his ship Argo before sailing off to battle. Part archer himself, Sagittarius has a unique connection to nature that can easily be forgotten in the chaos of everyday life. A simple afternoon enjoying the shade and splendor of an oak will leave you feeling refreshed and realigned with your Sagittarian spirit.


Embrace Your Inner Elvis

Elvis Presley, “The King,” was a Capricorn. Known as a consummate perfectionist who always set the bar high for himself (hello Capricorn!), Elvis dug all types of music from rock ’n’ roll to country music. So embrace your fellow Capricorn and put on some Elvis tunes as you do your chores around the home, or any time you need a boost. Capricorn loves traditional rock ’n’ roll, and there could be no better example than Elvis.


Be Weird

In a sea of boring gray fish swimming in the same direction, you’re a riot of color swimming the other way. While this uniqueness is something to revel in, it can also draw unwanted feedback from those gray fish. In these moments remind yourself that you are a gift, and you’re perfect just as you are. What other people see as weird or different is actually exactly what makes you so special.

The truth is that Aquarius can be eccentric, but it’s better to embrace and flaunt that trait than to try to hide it. The world needs a little color, and you’re just the person to provide it.


Treat Your Feet

Pisces rules the feet, so it is especially important for her to practice personal wellness routines that include foot care. Healthy, happy feet will keep Pisces well grounded. A frequent pedicure is a must; you can invest in trips to a spa, or get your own foot spa for easy home use.

Give your feet plenty of time to soak in the warm water and expel dirt and oils. Then use a pumice stone and natural lotions to remove dead skin cells and hydrate your skin. If you wish, go one step further and apply an aqua blue nail polish. This shade will look elegant, while also displaying your special connection to the ocean.


Tips are adapted from The Little Book of Self-Care series, by Constance Stellas, with more than 100 personalized self-care ideas featured in each book and a book for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Copyright © Simon & Schuster, Inc. Used with permission of the publisher, Adams Media, a division of Simon & Schuster. All rights reserved.

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