The truth about the belly: These Tricks will help men Slim down

30 German men to put rapidly. This is not good and a health hazard. Nevertheless, the strong gender, it hard to slimming programs. FOCUS Online explains why this is so and what is the diet for men will work best.

Surveys of the Federal Statistical office show that Germany’s men of the year for the year thick: the Body Mass Index as a benchmark, are currently 62 per cent of men as being overweight (BMI over 25) and 18% as obese (BMI over 30). And while the 20 – to 25-Year-olds, only one-third is overweight, increasing the proportion in the Over-50-Year-old to more than 70 percent. In the case of women, 43 percent to carry around many Kilos – the share of Overweight shrinks but slightly each year.

Visceral abdominal fat is a health risk

However, while many of the overweight women lose weight have the word “” at least in the back of the head, bounces off the term “diet” to most men. Somehow the crisp body is lost to the 30 gradually, however, you feel comfortable with your figure, don’t you feel at all too thick. Men seem to have a greater tolerance to their belly than women to your love handles.

With reason has nothing to do with it, because it is now known that the so-called visceral abdominal fat poses a health risk. The metabolic active tissue releases inflammatory substances and promotes the risk for cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

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The traditional image of man promotes being Overweight

Dad gets the biggest piece of meat, because a man must eat well – this age-old Conviction holds tough in Germany. And eat as men in the section each week, 1.1 kg of meat. This is twice as much as women, and twice as much as for a healthy diet is recommended. These carbohydrates are abundant in the Form of pasta, potatoes or white bread, sausage, Butter and cheese – and often the plates will be dug according to the “All-you-can-eat”principle.

Many men are fat because you have too much of the Wrong food and drink, for example, six times as much beer as women. And stay fat because it is very difficult to change retracted eating habits.

Men need a lot of Motivation for a diet

Doctors and nutritionist have noted again and again that men lose weight rarely, because they find it to thick. It takes almost always an initial spark from the outside, so that the average man changed his life style, such as when the doctor Diabetes or a heart diagnosed problem, or if a relationship breaks up.

The evaluation of two major diet programs of the British health authority in the NHS. And there are still more men were specific to the topic of weight loss:

  • For the programs, only ten percent of the men had to get a Referral from your doctor.
  • But to Catch men with a measure, develop ambition in losing weight and get off less often than women.
  • Men talk more on programs that avoid the word “diet” and is of great value to the movement.

Proper nutrition and sports

Customer result is mainly the result of an altered diet. When men develop but also your muscle padding, reinforced the effect due to the high energy demand of the muscles. Men should exercise all muscle groups in the body and not only on the fast-growing biceps squint.

A sporty accompanying program that includes a Mix of strength and endurance, men often better than women. The Sport should in any case make fun, because the movement can stabilize the active Slim down the weight without the man must constantly pay attention to the calories.

What to eat men for lose weight, is not different from a diet for women:

Interval fasting – as for men invented

Those who like it simple and straightforward, is suitable as a diet method, fasting the Interval. In the case of the simple principle, there is a time window for the intake of food, with almost episodes alternate. The fat metabolism is activated, excess pounds can melt, especially if you keep the calories somewhat in the eye.

  • The popular “16:8″the method is suitable as a permanent diet principle: eat during the day in an 8 hour window, two to three meals without Snacks in between. The night Esspause is extended to 16 hours – perfect for men who do not like to eat Breakfast.
  • The “5:2″interval fasting allows five days of normal eating, then there are two days and a maximum of 500 calories.
  • The method of “1:1” is considered to be the most difficult through holding the end of: alternately a day of eating and fasting.

As a start to Remove the combination of two Protein Shakes and one normal meal of the day is suitable for men (and women). US presenter and Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has slimmed down about twelve pounds, before he switched to the intermittent fasting “5:2”.

The body of the man is the best weapon against Overweight

Have decided to men to lose weight, you will enjoy a big advantage over women. Men are bigger, heavier and have more muscle – your body burns thus already in a state of rest more energy.

If you want to save, then calories, take more and faster than women. This was shown by a study of 2000 male and female participants, who had exactly the same conditions. After eight weeks, the men were able to capture 16 per cent more weight loss. Your body cling less to fat deposits, which are created for women as a persistent Reservoir for pregnancy and lactation.