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The toxic substances solanine and Chaconine are naturally present in potatoes. Only those who are prepared and cooked properly, to miss the stomach-intestinal complaints and Nausea. In the worst cases, there can be nerve interference.

  • Potatoes contain natural toxins – they serve as a protection against parasites.
  • The toxins can also harm people. With these tips, you will avoid complaints:

Whether as a Gratin, salad, or stew – potatoes part of a healthy and balanced diet. But Be Careful! With the wrong preparation, the tuber could poison you. Because The toxic substances solanine and Chaconine are naturally present in potatoes. These so-called Glycoalkaloids are found primarily in the peel, because they serve as a Fraßschutz. The concentration decreases from the shell to the inside.

If the potatoes are included on the plate to a lot of harmful substances, you can determine quite simple: they Taste bitter, right sort out.

Also keep in mind these cooking tips:

  • Eat potatoes with the peel.
  • Use any potatoes with a Green.
  • Choose the best jacket potatoes: cook these with the shell, because most of the ingredients remain intact. By the subsequent Peel up to 90 percent of the harmful Glycoalkaloids are to be removed. (and the remaining 10 % is not bad …?)
  • Use the cooking water, because of the solanine in it.
  • Avoid potatoes with already very strong germs. From a length of about five centimeters, you should sort out these tubers. On the one hand, have accumulated then a lot of Glycoalkaloids, on the other hand, the vitamins that we want to eat actually Hiking, in the germs.

Of damaged potatoes and the green Represent the content of the toxins is particularly high. The consequences: A slight poisoning leads to gastrointestinal discomfort and Nausea, higher doses may cause nervous disorders. The Glycoalkaloids cause damage to cell membranes, and the Stimulus interfere with transmission in the synapses.

Such cases of poisoning are rare. The toxins are from a Milli-grams per Kilo of harmful, deadly from about five milligrams. In a Serving of potatoes with a bowl of 200 grams, about 20 to 40 milligrams of Glycoalkaloids are included – for an adult with 60 kg of body weight, this amount is not a Problem. Only in the case of children, it could be critical.