Take on a Superman Pushup With This Progression Plan

Want to be able to get your Superman on, but thinking you won’t quite be able to leap buildings in a single bound? Start small with pushups, Superman-style.

This explosive maneuver is a showstopper in the gym–but they might take a while to work up to. Follow this 5 week progression plan (and check out more tips here) to get up in the air like a Kryptonian, at least for a second.

Week 1


Do clap pushups: at the top of the move, push off the floor and clap your hands together; descend.

Week 2


Move on to shoulder-slap pushups, slapping your shoulders with both hands at the top of the rep.

Week 3


Do hands-flying pushups, extending your arms forward at the top of each rep before descending.

Week 4


Do full-body explosive pushups, “jumping” your whole body off the floor on each rep.


Day 29: Superman pushup – Lower your body, then explode into the air. Extend your arms; squeeze your glutes. Land. Reset. Smile.

Build Extra Power

Strong middle-back muscles will help you elevate your arms. Keep doing prone Supermans.

Use dumbbell rows to build the strength you’ll need to pull your arm backward.

Your glutes help elevate your legs in flight. Train them with 3 sets of 10 glute bridges.

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