Study: Too much fruit juice increases the risk of premature death

The consumption of fruit juice is unhealthy?

Sugary drinks bring many health risks and are the majority of people as harmful known. In a recent study, the negative health effects of the sweetened drinks will be confirmed again. However, the researchers come to the conclusion that the consumption of hundred percent natural fruit juices is a health risk.

In a recent joint investigation by the Emory University, Atlanta, and the University of Alabama, it was found that the consumption of natural fruit juices increases the risk of premature death. The results of the study were published in the English journal “JAMA Network Open”.

Fruit juices increase inherit risk at an early stage to die if we take much of it to us. (Photo: Heike Rau/

Fruit juice increases the risk of premature death by up to 42 percent

Drinking too many sugar-containing drinks can lead to premature death. But also the consumption of an excessive amount of fruit juice increases, according to the current study, the risk of premature death by nine to 42 percent. In the orange juice, the sugar contained is, of course, is similar to but sugars nonetheless, what is the lemonade, and other sweetened drinks are added. The consumer must be kept within limits, advise the authors of the study.

Tax on sweetened drinks with sugar added?

In the United States, there are now in several States, taxes on sweetened drinks with added sugar, so limit consumption. Because the consumption of these beverages contributes to the obesity epidemic in children and high Rates of Diabetes in adults.

What problems can be caused by sugar?

Previous studies have already shown that a high intake of sugar, as for example in soft drinks and fruit juices contain, linked to various risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Obesity, Diabetes, and elevated triglycerides (a blood occurring type of fat) are one of the risk factors associated with excessive sugar intake. So far there have been but few studies, which dealt with the impact on the risk of death.

Data from 13.440 people were evaluated for the study

The researchers the data analyzed by 13.440 adult over the age of 45 years. Of these Participants, almost 60 percent of men and nearly 71 percent were suffered from Overweight or obesity. If the Participating ten percent or more of their daily calories through sugary drinks, they had a 44 percent higher risk of death due to coronary heart disease and a General 14 percent higher risk of premature death, compared with people who obtained less than five percent of their daily calories from sugary drinks. Each additional 12-ounce Serving of fruit juice (0.35 liters) per day was associated with a 24 percent higher risk of premature death.

Why increased the risk of premature death?

If the results for sugary drinks and juices will be independently considered, it is important to take into account that this risk is in Relation to the risk, which is the lowest consumers, explain the authors of the study. The results were not really surprising for the researchers because a number of potential biological mechanisms explain the observed increased risk of death. For example, studies suggest that sugar increase alcoholic beverages insulin resistance, which is known that it increases the risk for cardiovascular disease – the consumption of Fructose hormones that promote weight gain, what is disease as a risk factor for cardiovascular stimulate. Although fruit juices may not be quite as damaging as sugary drinks, should be kept your consumption in children and adults, in moderation, especially if they look at a healthy body weight.

Prefer juice or lemonade fruit drink?

The recommendations for children between one and six years, say, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and Science to this subject, for example, that fruit juice consumption should be limited to six ounces (from 0.17 litres) per day. Children seven years and older, adolescents, and adults should take a maximum of eight ounces of fruit juice (from 0.23 liters) per day. We must take into account fruit juices as well as sugary drinks, when we think about how much sugar we eat every day. When the choice, should fruit juice still lemonade preferred. Due to its Vitamin and mineral content of fruit juice can have in small amounts is quite a soothing effect, which can be found in sodas and other sugary drinks. (as)