Shoppers love under £30 ‘Fitbit alternative’ with ‘useful’ step track

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There are many ways you can maintain healthy habits throughout the year and Mintel reported that 59 percent of British adults intend to buy a smartwatch to track their physical health. It’s a great gift for a fitness lover or runner, but it doesn’t have to be hefty in price.

IMFRCHCS Fitness Tracker

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Give someone the IMFRCHCS Fitness Tracker which helps track everything from heart rate to step count and keeps you consistent to your health goals. On sale for under £30, it also makes a great last minute gift.

With Valentine’s Day happening soon, finding a gift is on the topic of everyone’s mind and a smart watch is a great alternative to cards or flowers, but still will delight.

Shoppers are praising the IMFRCHCS Fitness Tracker, which is now slashed by £20 making it only £29.99 and have called it a great ‘alternative to a Fitbit’, which is over £80 more expensive in price.

With three different band colours, it’s packed with a multitude of top functions including a 24/7 heart rate monitor, indoor and outdoor step tracking, sleep monitor and more.

Available on next day delivery with Amazon Prime, hurry to order the fitness tracker.

The fitness tracker is designed with a durable stainless steel frame, and has a clear 1.10 inch HD display that makes it easy to see all tracking modes.

Simply touch the screen to change the interface and with the tracker, you can discover real-time heart rate, blood oxygen and blood pressure monitoring.

Plus, there are 25 sport modes on the tracker including running, walking, football, weightlifting so you can properly track each workout.

It’s also water and sweat resistant so it’s sure to last you year long.

Shoppers love that the fitness tracker is a cheap and effective tool for all health tracking.

NZ Dreams commented: “Great for a cheap alternative to a Fitbit watch.”

Malcom L also added: “The biggest plus is that it doesn’t have to be plugged into the USB port for charging ( previous ones after a while the plastic at the charging end breaks away rendering it unchangeable and unwearable). This has a lead which connects to the back kept in place by magnets that also because of their polarity make it impossible to connect incorrectly.”

Mary D agreed: “Love it, so comfortable to wear, I wear it night and day no problem. It has definitely concentrated my mind on moving more.”

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