Researchers find diet formula for saving the world – and your health

Climate change, natural disasters, famines – the future of the earth and of humanity looks bleak. Now of 36 international scientists have developed a dietary model to stop the Negative development. Behind their radical proposals.

How to be ten billion people fed, without the earth and the climate are being destroyed? This question about the Future answered by the “Eat-Lancet Commission” after two years of work now. The short answer: It is possible, but requires a radical change in Diet, especially from the population in the Western industrial States.

36 international researchers in agriculture, climate research, and medicine under the chairmanship of nutritional expert Walter Willet of Harvard University have called your work “eat in the Anthropezän: Healthy food from sustainable food production”. And this is a very thick Board drilled: a guideline for the global food of the future, taking account of the health and climate protection.

Therefore, something has to change:

Currently, about 7.7 billion people on the earth. In 2050 there will be ten billion. You all need to eat.

And you should eat healthy: While one billion people currently malnourished, are überernährt two billion. The proposed diet is to annually save a total of eleven million a lot of eaters. So many people die each year from cardiovascular diseases or cancer types, the States go back to poor nutrition in the industry.

At the same time, food production is not allowed to go longer at the expense of the earth, where currently 40 per cent of the land area and 70 percent of the fresh water needed. In addition, it is to 30 percent of the greenhouse gas Emission debt.

The healthy and climate-friendly diet should look like:

In spite of the immense production of greenhouse gases by livestock, remains of meat on the dining plan. The reason The experts keep a mixed diet with a vegetable focus, but also animal products for the healthiest form of nutrition.

Who daily, red meat, ham and sausage to eat, in addition, fat-rich cheeses and Butter, you must change the most. The future of food is mainly vegetarian. At every meal vegetables or fruit to fill half of the plate.

The “Eat-Lancet Commission” has also compiled a detailed food plan to the world. The quantities are calculated so that not all components will be consumed daily. Mean So about 13 grams of Egg a day, per week, one to two-to-eat. Or who anspart the daily 14 grams of meat two weeks, you may treat yourself to a small Steak.

This allows the daily eating plan of the future:

  • Vegetables (300 grams) and fruit (200 grams)
  • Carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, potatoes (282 grams)
  • Milk Products (250 Grams)
  • Legumes (75 Grams)
  • Nuts (50 Grams)
  • Fish (28 Grams)
  • Meat (14 grams) and (poultry 29 grams)
  • Eggs (13 Grams)
  • 31 grams sugar and 50 grams of Oil round the dining plan.

Of these opportunities, the researchers acknowledge in their proposals:

Eating to save our health and the climate, requires a worldwide change in the dining plan: in the West, less meat and animal food, in Asia, less fish and seafood, in Africa, less starchy products.

Since changes in the traditional eating habits are extremely difficult to see the scientists in their global approach, currently rather as a Vision for an anywhere, quickly implementable model.

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Five strategies for the implementation of the healthy world diet:

The diet plan is incorporated into five strategies for policy, agriculture and the food industry, to realize an implementation.

Strategy 1: subsidies and reduce or cancel, the to the Overproduction. Food prices, the environment costs, for example in the Form of a meat tax. Strict legal rules for the development of the Land as Agricultural land and the sharing of fishing areas in the oceans.

Strategy 2: An “agricultural Revolution” to the income in the sustainable agriculture increase. For farmers, there should be incentives, if you move away from mass production in Monoculture, such as Maize or rapeseed for Biogas, and instead, a diversity of food crops.

Strategy 3: Healthy food must be available everywhere and affordable. For the Socially vulnerable could be supported. Awareness-raising campaigns to encourage consumption of healthy food.

Strategy 4: Greater Harvest, only the floor, the water resources and climate appropriate plants to be cultivated.

Strategy 5: The waste of food by at least half reduce. So, in a targeted buy – and as little as possible, to throw away.

The “Eat-Lancet Commission” intends to present their instructions to the drastic change of food and agriculture now governments around the world and especially the world health organization WHO inspire them.