One in five adults in Australia can’t name a heart attack symptom, finds study

heart attack

Heart attacks at a glance

  • Every year 56,700 Australians have a heart attack or angina, equating to 155 events every day. Twice as many men experience heart attacks as women, and considerably more men die.
  • 93 percent more men are admitted to hospital for heart attacks than women.
  • Heart attacks cause almost one in 25 deaths. This equates to one person every 81 minutes, or on average 18 people every day (6500 a year).
  • Every day 157 people need hospital treatment due to a heart attack, or one every nine minutes.
  • Positively, the prevalence of heart attacks has been decreasing over time.

Warning signs of a heart attack

  • Pain, pressure or tightness in one or more of these areas: chest, arm(s), shoulder(s) or back, neck or jaw. You may also feel short of breath, dizzy, sweaty or sick.
  • Tell someone how you feel. If feeling worse or not better after 10 minutes, call an ambulance.

Men vs. women

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