Flood of supply in the case of discounters: The truth about marinated meat on grill Video

In bright colors ready-marinated grilled steaks will Shine in the cold counter to many of the discounters – and at unbeatable prices. But what is behind the practical pre-packaged BBQ meat? What are the hazards from the consumer?

It drips and runs down. The expressed oil in the Marinade, ready-marinated meat can stretch the Grill quite a triple. But what lies behind the finished marinated grill steaks?

Taking a look at the packaging, you will find here a list of the additives and flavor enhancers, which are included in the Marinade. On the origin of meat, consumers are left, however, often in the Dark. Best offer on BestCheck.de

This is according to a spokeswoman for the consumer protection office of Bavaria, remember that marinated meat is no longer classified as fresh meat, but as processed meat and, therefore, the origin not shown.


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