E-cigarettes: e-Liquids do not mix

Experts warn, the liquid mixture for electronic cigarettes itself. Depending on the substance, severity of respiratory disease can be the result. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) indicates that, after frequently diseases severe lung in the United States occurred.

The self-mix is the danger of Mineral and vegetable oils can be used, for example. Oils may, however, be under no circumstances in Liquids contained and can be harmful when inhaled the health. According to BfR the messages and Inquiries to poison information centres, to be used in which the self-mixed E-Liquids have been piling up currently.

In E-cigarettes usually nicotine-containing liquids to be heated, so that it can be vaporized and inhaled. What are the long-term dangers is the so-called Vaping for the health, is not yet sufficiently explored. It is clear, however: the poor ingredients, impurities, or the new Liquid – and evaporator products can increase the risks. Also problematic nicotine according to the BfR-free Liquids: do not fall under the tobacco law and must, therefore, adhere to no tobacco regulations, such as bans on Use of health ingredients that may be harmful and the applicable reporting requirements.

German products are subject to stricter rules

In the United States within a short period of time a number of severe lung disease with shortness of breath, cough, and chest pain reported. There was pain on symptoms such as Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach and even death cases have been reported. The concerned steamer according to a study in the journal "The New England Journal of Medicine" an average of 19 years of age. You used the majority of Cannabis products, which were not from the regular trade. What substance is responsible for, has not yet been clarified. "Consumers of E-cigarettes in Germany is threatening to the current state of knowledge, no increased risks if you use products, the European and German regulations entsprechen", BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel says. Nevertheless, Hensel advises on symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing or pain in the chest area, especially after a product change.


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