5 Ways To Make Sure Your Fitness Goals Stick

Raise your hand if you’ve ever signed up for a super ambitious New Year’s Resolution (take up surfing! Start a side-hustle! Journal every day!) only to give up on it quicker than Usain Bolt runs a 100m final. Dw girl, we got you. It’s totally common to feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. In fact, around 80 per cent of us will lose track of our goals by the first of February each year, especially if they’re fitness related (motivation = zero).

But it doesn’t have to be this way – just ask Lorna Jane Clarkson (aka, the brains behind one of the hottest activewear brands in the biz.) Here, the holistic health advocate shares her best tricks to set yourself up for lasting success.

1. Make sure your goals have meaning. 

It’s easy to set goals but it’s harder to make sure that they’re actually meaningful. If you’ve set yourself the goal to run your first half marathon or lift a certain amount, or whatever it is – ask yourself why that’s important to you. Is it so you can run with your partner, raise money for charity, to feel strong internally and externally, tick off a bucket list item… whatever your motivation behind the goal, it’s that ‘why’ that will keep you motivated and on track when the struggle is real. Spend the time to make sure that you’re setting the right goals that will make a positive difference to your life and it’ll be much easier to stick to them.

2. Break it into smaller milestones. 

It’s important that your goals challenge and push you out of your comfort zone but when the going gets tough, this can get daunting. Breaking your goal into bite-sized pieces keeps you on track and gives you opportunities to celebrate your progress along the way!

3. Have a plan. 

Work from your end goal back to where you are now and set your plan on what you need to do to get there. Having a plan means that you know what you need to do and you can schedule your workouts/training in. Make a commitment to yourself to stick to them like you would any other appointment. This is time that you’re investing into yourself and that’s way too important to cancel!

4. Be kind to yourself. 

We all have days when we’re a little lower on motivation, a bit tired or not performing at the level we think we should be – and that’s okay. Don’t get too caught up about it and let it steer you off course. Listen to your body (it might be telling you that you need a rest) and get back on track tomorrow. Remember to rest rather than quit.

5. Have fun! 

This is THE most important one. I know that not everyone enjoys working out as much as I do, but I really believe that you can – if you choose the right mindset and activity. Pick something you like to do and makes you feel good – there are so many to choose from! And, if you like company (and someone to help motivate you), get a friend involved too! Working on your health and fitness and towards a goal is exciting and when you’re enjoying doing it, staying motivated and on track is a breeze!

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