Liver regeneration – application and implementation

The liver can regenerate again

The liver is the Detoxifier of our body and the most important Organ of metabolism. It forms the vital blood proteins and bile. Occasional excesses with alcohol and gluttony can cope with this super-organ. Even a damaged liver can regenerate itself if it is supported.

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Liver regeneration – an Overview

  • The liver is the main detoxifying organ of the body; she endures tremendous stress due to fats, toxins and pollutants, and can regenerate very well.
  • The liver is pulled but in the long term, for example, by alcohol, certain medications, or fat – and sugar-rich food, it is damaged and it comes to diseases such as, for example, an inflammation of the liver.
  • In the case of diseases of the liver, such as, for example, a fatty liver or inflammation of the liver, can regenerate the liver when it is relieved, that means: Healthy food, exercise, no alcohol and no liver-damaging drugs.
  • Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to liver fibrosis. The connective tissue of the body increases. Although the liver can heal itself if alcohol consumption is discontinued. Eventually, cirrhosis of the liver, a “shrink the liver but under the circumstances”. This liver dies tissue is replaced by connective tissue, thus, can no longer regenerate the liver.

What helps a cirrhosis of the liver?

Cirrhosis of the liver damage hormonal balance, blood clotting and metabolism. The liver is no longer fulfilled its task to organize the metabolism. The flow of blood is affected, there will be new blood vessels outside of the liver. In the early stages of cirrhosis of the liver can be stopped. The liver does not work then with full force, but it still works. In the case of advanced cirrhosis of the liver is only an organ transplant will help most of the time.

Alcohol-Induced Liver Inflammation

The liver is inflamed due to alcohol abuse, it can regenerate. Conditions for absolute renunciation of alcohol, and, secondly, a customized diet and third movement are in the first place. Absolutely No alcohol-containing medicines and no chocolates with alcohol is also.

The liver needs nutrients

Liver patients need to be careful to avoid malnutrition and to ensure that there is sufficient minerals, vitamins and proteins. A protein-rich diet is just as important as the intake of fiber. Suitable grain products, vegetables, lean meat, fish, and valuable plants are full of fats. A customized diet is necessary, because in the case of liver patients, the carbohydrate and fat metabolism is not working properly. The disturbed liver means that the metabolism is burning after a few hours of Hunger fat. Liver patients should take, therefore, spread throughout the day at least five small meals and also directly in front of the night’s sleep still feeding a lot of calories.

How does a fat liver?

A fatty liver can form when you move too little, and duration of carbohydrate-heavy diet. Because the liver can break down carbs into palmitic acid, a saturated fatty acid,. The liver has no nerve endings, therefore a fatty liver also causes little discomfort. Often doctors detect it only at an ultrasound scan of the upper abdomen, or a blood analysis. No tangible complaints means, however, is by no means in no danger – a fatty liver often has diseases such as Diabetes and cancer.

Fatty liver treat

You can help the liver to regenerate to a fatty liver. This means slimming, slimming, weight reduce. Here is a lot of protein and complex carbohydrates help in moderation instead of simple carbohydrates in quantities. Fruit and fruit juices, you should greatly reduce The fruit sugar leads to further retention of fat in the liver and to inflammation.

The good news: A battered, but not destroyed liver regenerates, if you are adapted to eat and to abstain from alcohol. This applies both to the fatty liver as an acute inflammation of the liver, whether by viruses, drugs, alcohol, or fat fires.

Customized Nutrition

To help the liver to regenerate, you need to eat a liver-friendly:

Vitamin D

A new study shows that Vitamin D may provide relief from prevents diseases of the liver, and existing liver disease, or helps the liver to regenerate. Many patients with hepatic encephalopathy had a Vitamin D deficiency. These patients suffer from diseases functional disorders of the brain due to severe liver. The researchers therefore recommend that patients with cirrhosis of the liver, to regularly and your Vitamin D level, medical control, and a lack of the vitamin supplements. This can be probably the disorders of the brain to avoid or at least mitigate.

Liver regeneration after high alcohol consumption

You have as a result of prolonged alcoholism continued and developed cirrhosis of the liver, then can no longer regenerate the liver. The good news for most who regularly drink too much, but not (yet) at this point. The liver is recovering, even if you have over a longer period of time, too much to drink. If you leave the Finger from the alcohol, replaced the liver, the damaged cells by new healthy. Four weeks of alcohol break, you must schedule at least. Even more: If you give up two months or longer entirely on the poison, are even more severe damage such as a caused by alcohol inflammation of the liver or a fatty liver.

Liver detox

On forums in the “alternative medicine” is often written “detoxify the liver”. Taken literally this is false. The liver is not from the outside, detoxify. Either, “detoxifies”, i.e., regenerates itself, or it is no longer able to do so.

Self-help for alcohol-related liver disease

No matter how strong your liver is already damaged, the most Important thing you can and must do, is: you Relinquish all self scams like “I only drink in the company of”, “beer or two on the weekend are okay,” or “I drink hardly anything”. Only absolute abstinence can stop the disease or even push back.

Even in the case of advanced cirrhosis of the liver, the damage is not more, but they can undo, you will have to ensure that the existing functions continue to run. At the same time, you should systematically ensure that no medications that damage the liver. You should discuss this with your specialist.

An alcohol-damaged liver often affects the functions of the stomach and the small intestine. There is a lack of vitamins and nutrients is. Therefore, make sure to take enough calories with healthy food and vitamins to be.

Even with a very far-advanced liver cirrhosis you have to do without long and consistently on alcohol, as in the case of a liver tumor. Here is the only way to heal the liver, to remove a part of it surgically or a foreign liver transplant. Transplant centers carry out such interventions only if patients have a long period of abstinence. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)