DIY Skin Care Tips That You Need To Know To Have Healthy Skin

Our skin is one of the most important parts of the body. It is also the largest. It is part of the integumentary system, providing coverage and outer protection to the more delicate components of the body. The skin along with the bone structure largely determine the appearance of an individual. It is therefore of paramount importance to take very good care of the skin as it can either enhance or diminish the beauty or appearance of an individual.

As a result of this, quite a few skin care products exist out there in a bid to give the skin a supple, smooth, soft feel. Most often, the radiance of the skin is directly proportional to the beauty of the individual. A lot of skin care products that claim to enhance the appearance of the skin may generally not do the trick as a result of underlying factors, like the type of skin an individual possesses, the weather conditions at that time of the year, the amount of sunlight the individual is exposed to, and other variable factors.

Which Type of Skin Do You Have?

It is very important to know the type of skin a person possesses before treatment and beautification of the skin can proceed.

There are 4 different types of skin and each one differs in respect to the other. Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and normal skin are the classifications according to Dr. Emily Clayton of the American Dermatological Association. Dry skin is the most common skin type out there and it’s also the most unappealing because it needs a lot of maintenance.

The kind of complexion a person possesses also plays a role, as people of African descent tend to have more melanin in their skin, the pigment that gives the skin a dark color, as opposed to people of Caucasian descent who have less melanin. Melanin protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, so people with darker skin tend to fare better than those with fairer skin in sunlight. However, UV rays are actually harmful to almost any type of skin and therefore sunlight should be avoided at its peak hours: between 10 am to 2 pm.

Age also plays a factor, as collagen production decreases as we grow older, and collagen is the molecule that gives the skin its elastic property. As a result, wrinkles start to appear more frequently the older one gets, and it is therefore of utmost importance to take care of the skin more as we age. There are also a lot of recipes out there that use natural products that help the skin to heal and compensate for the loss of elasticity. Products which contain jojoba oil and shea butter are quite useful in maintaining the suppleness of the skin. Quite a number of DIY recipes exist that help maintains the radiance and spotlessness of the skin. Each ingredient is listed below:

[otw_shortcode_unordered_list items=”5″ style=”with-icon list-style-5″ item_1_name=”Coconut Oil” item_2_name=”Shea Butter” item_3_name=”Cocoa Butter” item_4_name=”Beeswax” item_5_name=”Liquid carrier oil e.g. Olive oil, Almond oil”][/otw_shortcode_unordered_list]

Essential oils, which give a great scent to the product e.g. mint, lavender, lemon, orange, and sandalwood. Ultimately, these oils can be mood lifting as they have a great smell.

It might be stressful to make these recipes, as you may want to take a trip to your local store in order to get them. But, these ingredients cost way less than pre-made products present on shelves in stores across the nation. Ultimately, it is a road that requires dedication. The organic nature of these DIY recipes ensures that our skin gets the utmost care and what is best for it in the long term. Ask your dermatologist today to find out what kind of skin you have and what kind of recipe your skin requires, keeping in mind that everyone has different needs.

“Remember, beauty boasts confidence quite a bit in our day to day interactions, so it is very important to be dedicated to your appearance namely the appearance of your skin. This is not vanity, this is common sense. So take care of your outward appearance in order to be addressed with the dignity you deserve”.

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