You should the Black?

The sausage sizzles eager on the Grill only once short not to indulge in looks, it is black. “Does nothing”, some say. “Cutting the way, the power of cancer!”, the other urge. But who is right? Burnt food are actually cancer-causing, or has harmed, a bit of Black anyone?

“Stay away from spicy seared Steaks and charred sausages,” warns the German cancer research center (DKFZ). Because grilling or Frying of protein-rich foods, so-called hetero arise, among other things, cyclic aromatic amines (HAA). These are associated with an increased risk for colon cancer, the Epidemiologist Sabine Rohrmann from the DKFZ in a study of 4484 participants found out. The group with a particular predilection for rapidly broiling meat had twice as many intestinal adenomas as the comparison group, which started due to their eating habits hardly such amines. Adenomas are tumors, which are often precursors to colorectal cancer. Meat, fish and sausages should not therefore be too strong for fry. Also charred vegetables should be avoided. Courgettes, aubergines, etc., contain less of the toxic amines, since they consist of less protein, but is safe safe.

The danger lies in the smoke

A further group of substances, which can be at a barbecue to a health hazard, the so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS). They are formed when organic materials are decomposed by heat, and are, for example, in coal smoke. Some of the PAHS are genotoxic and could cause cancer, the European food safety authority (EFSA). Especially when grilling with wood coal with high concentrations of PAHS could arise, it says in a report to the authority. In order to reduce the toxins that should be when grilling is no fat on the coals drop. Also the Steak fan-favorite Deglaze with beer is less advisable. Both leads to increased smoke formation and, therefore, to increased PAH exposure.

What is with bread and potatoes?

And what’s with the Baguette, which was forgotten on the Grill, and now a black crust? Carbohydrate-rich foods, such as toast bread, crisp bread, French fries, Chips, cookies, or coffee strongly heated, forms acrylamide. It has long been suspected to be carcinogenic. The EFSA assessed the risk in its latest report. Animal studies have shown that acrylamide causes damage to the DNA and creates cancer, it says. Because: you will Eat a charred bun, reduced the acrylamide in the liver to Glycidamid. And this substance is considered to be highly carcinogenic.

Although there is yet no adequate studies that show that acrylamide in the diet leads to cancer in humans, the EFSA of a potentially increased risk for consumers. “Since acrylamide is found in a wide variety of everyday foods that relates to this health problem all consumers, with children (relative to their body weight) are the most exposed age group,” said the authority. The bread or the potato is advised when grilling or baking too dark, it is recommended so that the dark areas to cut away.

Healthier grilling – how to

To waive out of sheer fear of health consequences on the grill, would probably be too much of a Good thing. Anyone who pays attention to a few things that can reduce the avoidable risks. This includes, for example, the General rule of thumb for Roasting, grilling and deep-frying: “brown rather than burn”.

A Gas or electric grill is less harmful than a charcoal grill, but also applies here: the fat and the Marinade should not be in the flame or on the hot plates, drops, otherwise smoke is formed.


Can prevent the aluminum shells. Their use is recommended when grilling over wood embers in General, because burning meat and sausages. The shells also prevent the fat dripping into the embers, and carcinogenic PAHs. While it is known that the aluminium trays Aluminium and the food can move. Nevertheless, the Use of grill outweighed shells, it is part of the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR). Their use was “justifiable”. Spiced and salted, should be-but only if the food schmurgelt above the coal.

The only fly in the ointment of grill shells: The characteristic smoky Note is lost. And with the grill tongs in Hand, standing in front of the Gretchen question is: enjoyment or health?