Allergy: immune therapy daily peanuts to eat

Encouraging results of a multi-year observational study for all who suffer from a peanut Allergy Who eats a immune therapy regularly small amounts of peanuts, can of a long-lasting benefit protection. But this should be done by an allergist.

According to a study by the University of North Carolina to benefit people with a peanut Allergy, if you eat after the end of a hyposensitization daily of small amounts of the Allergen. The majority of the study participants ate after the completion of an immune therapy for up to eight years every day for about two peanut seeds. Ten people reported allergic reactions, the majority were mild and antihistamines were treated. Three reactions, however, were severe and required emergency treatment. Therefore, it is important that peanuts are consumed after a hyposensitization only under the guidance of an allergist.

"The people want to protected only sein", Prof. Dr. Edwin Kim, Director of the UNC Food Allergy Initiative, said. "They don’t want to take large quantities of the Allergen, but to have the assurance that, if a restaurant chef makes an error, or a food label is wrong, no severe allergic reaction occurs. It seems that eating small amounts of peanuts, is safe, improves quality of life and can contribute to the desensitization to maintain." Kim and his colleagues hope that this research results can also be applied to other types of food allergies applied.

In the observational study of 55 persons had participated who had received oral or sublingual immunotherapy, and 0.3 to 5 grams of peanuts were desensitized. By desensitizing the amount of peanuts is increased, which triggers an allergic reaction. As a result, the probability of a severe reaction through accidental consumption of peanuts is reduced. After the completion of the immune therapy, the study asked participants to eat a day, small amounts of peanuts, and to report how they felt afterwards.


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