The Surprising Way To Make Your Personal Affirmations Work Faster

More and more people are using the practice of manifesting to make their goals come true. It can take the shape of saying positive affirmations out loud or writing down your goals as if they were already factual statements. But, how do positive affirmations work? They are based on the law of attraction, which relies on the principle that we attract what we call for (via Through the Phases). Manifesting is supposed to empower you to achieve your goals and give you the confidence to keep working hard. According to an article by psychologist Dr. Carmen Harra for HuffPost, positive affirmations help us clean our mind from negative thoughts and increase our production of feel-good hormones, which in turn break us free from our negative tendencies and behaviors. There are a couple of reasons why manifesting might have not worked for you in the past, but you can change that with the following advice.

You must be specific in what you ask for

The key to powerful affirmations is being really specific about what you want. Successful affirmations have to be personal and easy to remember so that they will evoke feelings of fulfillment and attraction (via Through the Phases). For example, if you want to get a new house, you would use an affirmation in present tense as if you already had the house, something like, “I’m grateful because I own my dream house in X neighborhood.” At first, your affirmation might sound crazy, so you have to say them out loud two or three times per day until it becomes a comfortable idea. On top of that, you should visualize all details of your affirmation and write it on paper, not a computer, to make it a tangible thought that you can look at any time (via True Connection). As you achieve your goals and grow your character, your affirmations should change to reflect that. Keep the positive energy and habit of manifesting but with new goals that suit your new self.

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