Mandy Moore’s 6-Month Update With Baby Ozzie Is Making Us Emotional About Our Second-Borns

Mandy Moore is celebrating six months with her sweet son Ozzie, and her update about how fast he’s growing has us crying in a ball on the floor.

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“6 months with our Ozzie. He is the most joyful soul I’ve ever known,” the This Is Us star wrote on Instagram about her baby boy, who she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith. “He smiles with his whole being and nothing feels better than when he spots you post nap and starts beaming. He doesn’t lose it often but if he does, nothing soothes him quicker than music (Brandi Carlile is his long-standing fav).”

The “In Real Life” singer also mentioned how much Ozzie loves his 2-year-old brother, Gus. “He’s obsessed with his big brother (duh),” she said. But the hardest part? How much faster he’s been growing up compared to her firstborn — and we can totally relate.

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“And while everyone told us things happens quicker with the second, boy they weren’t lying- rolling over, eating solids, starting to crawl, etc… He is ready to GO!” Moore wrote, triggering moms everywhere to reflect on their second (or third or fourth) born babies. With my first, I remember anxiously awaiting each milestone that seemed like it took forever. By the time kids 2 and 3 were born, they were flying through the stages so fast that it felt like I blinked, and they were all grown up already. It’s just part of the magic of motherhood, but it’s all a little bittersweet.

Moore wrapped up her heartfelt post with a few more nuggets of info about her baby. “Ozzie loves baths, wubbanubs, his dog & cat brothers/sisters and being outside as much as possible,” she said. “He spent most of his 6 months on the east coast but is very much a Cali sunshine boy. Thanks for choosing us, Bubba. Im@in awe of every day with you and your brother. You are beyond a dream, Ozzers!! 😍😍😍😍”

She also shared tons of pictures of the smiling baby, who has the biggest wide-opened mouth grin we’ve ever seen. He’s truly adorable.

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