Will eating lots of pineapple bring on your period?

With this in mind, it should technically be possible to bring on your period by eating pineapples. However while there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, there still isn’t much in the way of scientific proof.

It’s also claimed that you should consume pineapples during your period, as the bromelain – which is also used for muscle relaxation – acts as a natural remedy against cramps.

Another compound found in pineapples is manganese. A study was conducted with female participants by Dr. Phyllis Johnson at the Human Nutrition Research Center in the US, which revealed that small amounts of this mineral increased menstrual flow for 50% of the women, so munching on the fruit could help with discomfort.

And just think of all the pineapple-based cocktails you could comfort yourself with while you suffer through the monthly pain.

As for whether the fruit will bring on your period, the results are unfortunately inconclusive. It is feasible that pineapples could help with period flow, but more research is required in the area.

Not to worry, there are other ways to regulate your period – such as medication and birth control pills. If your period is very heavy, painful or causing you distress, chat to your GP who will be able to recommend alternative solutions.

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