The threat of ticks Invasion in 2019: experts warn of new dangerous infections

2018 was a record year for tick – 2019 could be worse

In the year 2018, the highest number of ticks was seen, which was ever documented in Germany – a record-breaking year for ticks. Experts predict that this record could be broken this year again. In addition to the strikingly high number of young animals (nymphs) is also the dissemination of new tick species of concern. Experts have exchanged information on the MSD para Congress in Vienna sitologen on this issue.

The risks to the health of humans and animals by ticks will increase in the year 2019 further, experts warn that the MSD Parasitologists Congress in Vienna have found ticks. 23 leading scientists, as well as veterinary and human medical experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland exchanged views on the Congress, to the current Emergence of the tick population.

Ticks on the rise

Already in the spring of 2018 Dr. Gerhard Dobler predicted by the Institute for Microbiology of the Bundeswehr in Munich, the record high on the basis of its long-standing surveys. At the Congress this has been confirmed now. The experts report an alarming increase. In the past nine years around 260 ticks lived on an area of 100 square meters. In the year 2018 a tick count of 400 per 100 square was measured in meters.

New species of Ticks spreading

“We are monitoring the spread of new species of Ticks, such as the riparian forest tick, who wanders around 50 kilometres per year towards the West and already Hannover has achieved,” said Dr. Gerhard Dobler on the MSD Parasitologists Congress. In addition, the continuous increase in the total tick population is of concern. The ticks are considered to be Vectors of dangerous infectious diseases such as Crimean Congo Virus, Heartland Virus, Neoehrlichia, or Anaplasma.

Higher and prolonged risk of Infection

“There are more and new ticks, which in mild years, previously active and active for longer stay and more dangerous diseases,” warns the ticks professional. With the record high of the tick population, a new maximum number of tick-borne encephalitis cases was at the same time occurred. The awareness about this new threat is more pronounced in the population enough, the experts emphasize.

A False Sense Of Security

In the summer, many dog and cat owners reported a reduction in tick bites for your Pets. “That is not to say, however, that the ticks were there or not active,” adds Dr. Daniel Safe, managing Director at MSD animal health. Ticks, would take place in the heat and dryness only temporarily in the woods. In addition, an unusually high number of ticks were spotted in the year 2018-nymphs. These young animals are to perceive for the layman, much more severe than adult ticks.

Why is increasing the number of ticks?

The reasons for this rapid increase all the experts were of a opinion. The massive spread will favored by climate change, international transport, international pet trade and by Changes in the landscape and agriculture. (vb)

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