Tetley ‘sleep easy’ de-caffeinated tea bags mean you can have a bed time brew

Most of us know that to get a good night’s sleep it’s best to lay off the coffee the closer bedtime gets.

But what about tea? 

It’s easy to forget that tea has plenty of caffeine in it too and can easily interfere with your shut eye – just like coffee. 

If you find a cuppa soothing in the evening but need to watch your caffeine intake, Tetley have the brew for you. 

Tetley’s “sleep easy” tea bags are not only decaffeinated but also flavoured with sleep encouraging ingredients such as lavender, vanilla and lemon balm.

The recommended daily intake of caffeine is 300mg, but many are exceeding this dosage in order to keep up with busy work schedules.

Extensive research has shown beneficial effects of caffeine in the diet, such as improved attention, alertness and physical performance.

But the naturally occurring stimulant can play havoc with your sleep. 

It can also exacerbate symptoms of anxiety.

According to Anxiety UK, around 3 million people in the UK suffer with anxiety.

And exceeding the recommended caffeine intake could be a massively negative impact on your mental health. 

Cutting out caffeine or switching to de-caff alternatives can help manage symptoms. 

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