Sudden fainting caused by a Gene

Behind a fainting, a particular Gene may be stuck

Fainting is not caused only by external factors, but also the genes play a role. The Danish researchers have found now. The scientists discovered that a specific Gene increases the risk of fainting.

Also the genes play a role

According to health experts, every third person experienced in the course of his life, fainting (syncope). A sudden loss of consciousness can be a one-time event, but always happen again. In some cases, fainting can be seizures information on life-threatening diseases. Often it is relatively harmless reasons why a suddenly black is in front of the eyes and it falls over. Now, researchers have found that impotence is not only caused by external factors, but also the genes play a role.

Fainting spells are not caused only by external factors, but also certain genes play a role. (Image: M. Dörr & M. Frommherz/

Fainting can be fatal

Factors such as fluctuations in blood pressure, heat, dehydration and anxiety can lead to fainting.

Sometimes neurological problems or heart disease are behind a Blackout.

Fainting can sometimes be fatal, if they occur, for example, in a car or riding a Bicycle.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, the Statens Serum Institute and hospital, Rigshospitalet, the explanation of the phenomenon came a step closer.

As it is said in a communication, the scientists, the First, a Gene identified that is associated with an increased fainting risk.

The new research results were published in the journal “Cardiovascular Research”.

Gene variant increases impotence risk

The Danish researchers have analysed data from the British “UK Biobank”, the information to about 400,000 Britons included.

Of these, 9.163 people were treated for fainting, medically.

In order to identify with powerlessness associated genetic variants analyzed, the scientists systematically millions of genetic variants in the genome of the participants.

“We have found that a variant of chromosome 2 increased the risk of fainting,” said study author Morten Salling Olesen from the University of Copenhagen.

The human genome can be one, two or none of these variants is included. According to the researchers, people who carry both gene variants have a 30 percent higher impotence risk than people who are not a carrier of the variant.

“In addition, we are the First to show that fainting is genetic, and were able to locate a higher impotence risk at a particular location in the genome,” said Olesen.

Women are twice knocked out so often

The scientists have also analyzed data from a Danish study with 54.656 people. The result confirmed their previous findings.

Under the fainting-prone, the researchers found the same genetic risk variant in the British investigation.

In addition, they found that women under 35 years of fall approximately twice as often in a swoon as men under the age of 35. The cause is still unknown.

And: “In the study, we have shown that, if you are a woman, and the risk variant on both chromosomes of the Chromosomenpaars no. 2, an approximately three times higher impotence risk than men of not carrying the risk variant,” said Olesen.

Lack of blood and oxygen in the brain

As it says in the message, it is generally believed that the fainting is caused by a lack of blood and oxygen in the brain, which leads to a complete loss of consciousness.

There are different types of syncope, the vasovagal syncope is the most common.

Here it comes, for example, by the Seeing of the blood to a significant drop in blood pressure, caused by a slow heart rate and a dilation of blood vessels and reduced blood flow to the brain.

The researchers identified a Gene that is associated with fainting, in combination, means ZNF804A.

“We believe that the identified Gene is predisposed to vasovagal syncope,” said Olesen.

“But we still don’t know. First, we need to examine the Gene exactly,“ said the expert. (ad)