Seven in ten adults living in cities have experienced burnout in last 12 months

Seven in ten Brits living in cities have experienced burnout in the last 12 months, according to research.

Too much work, a lack of sleep, and feeling stuck in the same routine are the top three reasons people struggle with the condition.

And the research of 2,000 city-dwelling adults over the age of 25 found one in five feel “constant social media exposure” leaves them feeling the strain.

But of those who have suffered from burnout, just four in ten took time off to try and manage it, and only a quarter discussed the issue with their manager.

The survey was commissioned by on-demand car rental company THE OUT, which found that on average, respondents have taken just 14 days of annual leave in the last year.

And 51 percent are unable to see a time in the near future when they would be able to take an entire week off.

Anji McGrandles, a workplace mental wellbeing expert and coach, who is working with THE OUT said: “Working from home has led to employees starting earlier and finishing later, taking shorter lunch breaks, working through sickness, and more workers being “always on” as the boundaries between work and home are blurred.

“Now more than ever employees need to take a break from work in order to mentally recharge.

“If you don’t take time out to relax and reset, then you are at risk of burnout as well as other illnesses related to poor wellbeing.”

The study also found four in ten adults from cities including London, Manchester and Glasgow, worry they would struggle to take a week off work because they simply have too much to do.

A third wouldn’t trust their colleagues to take care of their work properly, and 30 percent worry nobody else knows exactly what they do – so they’d be missed too much.

Despite this, six in ten feel they “deserve” a holiday but claim work always gets in the way, and the same number have been working more in the last 18 months than any other time in their lives.

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But more than half of those polled (53 percent) are able to recognise the signs of burnout and identify when they’re going through them.

It also emerged that to truly unwind, respondents would like a 10-day break, with three-quarters dreaming of getting out of their city to relax.

For more than half (53 percent), getting fresh air would be the best thing about leaving the city for a spell, while 42 percent would welcome the slower pace of life.

One in three (33 percent) would use the time to think seriously about themselves, according to the OnePoll figures.

Tom Fawcett, managing director, THE OUT, said: “There aren’t any awards given out for not taking all of your annual leave.

“If your place of work can’t cope with you taking time off, that’s a problem for your employers to worry about – not pass on to you.

“Keeping on top of mental health is hard, and everybody needs a break from time to time – it’s amazing how much of a difference it can make.”

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