Ransomware in the Health Industry: Resiliency and Response

Digital transformation has increased exponentially in the healthcare industry over the past year, as organizations harness the power of digital to reach patients, accelerate research and develop new therapies to beat the global pandemic. Unfortunately, this digital transformation has been paired with an increasing cohort of highly capable cyber extortionists that have been using ransomware to compromise operations and hold patient data hostage to extract money from health organizations.

Our presenters, Cesar Villalta, Managing Director, Global Security Lead for Life Sciences and Salwa Rafee, Managing Director, Global Security Lead for Healthcare both from Accenture, will discuss how ransomware attacks have become more rampant and advanced in our industry and the risk of an organization falling victim is more real than ever. In light of this reality, one question stands central for all of us: how do we make sure we are prepared to prevent and respond to a ransomware attack? 

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