Premier Health, BCT partner on AI-based patient monitoring

Premier Health announced it is working on a research pilot study with Bio Conscious Technologies (BCT) to deliver artificial intelligence to Premier Health’s patient base.


The BCT app Diabits allows diabetic users to manage their health without stress. Their multivariate algorithm learns an individual user’s physiology and predicts where their blood sugar will trend over time based on their behavior and activity.

The company’s proprietary AI technology, the Diabits Prediction Engine, will provide patients and care providers improved monitoring of chronic disease progression and management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

Using AI, Diabits learns the patient’s unique physiology and predicts when their blood sugar will rise, or fall based on behavioral patterns, allowing patients to make more informed decisions.

Premier Health will integrate clinical decision support (CDS) tools into their Juno Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software and patient app as a chief ingredient in improving patient care.

Once embedded into the Company’s EMR and app, these analytical tools offer a process for enhancing health-related decisions and actions with pertinent, organized clinical knowledge and patient information to improve health and health care delivery.

The research pilot will use data from patients who are using the app and sign up for the study, including sugar levels, heart rate, blood pressure, age, sex and weight.

The company noted much of this data could be collected from the integration of the patient’s health monitoring devices such as their smartwatch.

The Diabits tool will then tailor a personalized blood sugar model, which the patient can use to guide their nutrition and exercise plan.


The aim of the partnership is to capture data regarding a diabetic patient’s blood sugar fluctuations, heart rate, and step count, which can then be used to guide behavior.

By leveraging the monitoring platform, Juno EMR and BCT’s tools, physicians could soon be able to better engage with patients to improve their glucose control and long-term health.

Premier Health, in conjunction with its subsidiary Cloud Practice, a cloud-based SAAS Electronic Medical Records software company, is also developing proprietary technology to deliver quality healthcare through the combination of connected primary care clinics with telemedicine and (AI).

The company currently has a combined ecosystem of 290 clinics, more than 3,000 licensed practitioners and almost 3 million registered patients.

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