Meghan Markle’s Surprise Birthday Cake Had A Healthy Twist

When it comes to choosing a b’day treat that’s refined sugar-free and still satisfies the sweet tooth, we opt for carrot cake without hesitation. Call us predictable or boring but we never tire of the darn right delectable cream cheese frosting that always comes on top. As it turns out, ol’ mate Meghan Markle is also a member of the carrot cake fan club, which, considering she’s all about ~wellness~ comes as no surprise.

According to a royal correspondent, the Duchess rung in her 38th lap around the sun last week with a personalised carrot cake courtesy of Insta-famous Luminary Bakery. ‘Happy Birthday Meghan’ was written atop the three-tiered creation, along with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds, fresh rosemary and orange slices.

Honestly, it does look pretty indulgent (the melted choc is a dead giveaway). That said, carrot cake can be a healthier alternative to many other desserts out there. Take this version via Fit Foodie Finds for example, which uses 100 per cent whole grains, Greek yoghurt and unsweetened almond milk.

“Including carrot in your cake does give it some nutritional value over traditional cakes that require butter, sugar and eggs,” accredited practising dietician Natalie Von Bertouch tells Women’s Health. “Obviously though carrot cake is still considered a ‘sometimes’ food due to the high calories and density of oil it contains.”

“Try swapping out plain flour for the whole meal variety and keep the skin on the carrots for a little extra fibre,” she suggests. “Also, skip the cream cheese frosting to cut down on unhealthy trans fats.”

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