Man injected with your own semen for the healing of his back, suffering – these are the consequences!

Due to back pain: a 33-year-old man injected his own sperm

There are various home remedies for back pain, such as heat treatments or ointments that can relieve the discomfort proven. To ensure that you can back treat suffering with sperm, however, there is no evidence. But this is exactly what a 33-year-old man from Ireland tried. He injected his own semen for months in the Arm and eventually ended up in the hospital.

Back pain treated properly

Millions of people have always pain lower back to suffer. Concerned is usually not advised to take it easy for just excessive, but also to strengthen the back through physical activity and specific Exercises. Also home remedies such as hot baths can help to alleviate back pain. What is a 33-year-old man from Ireland has come up with to combat his back pain, is (!) to recommend: he injected his own sperm.

Intense redness of the skin and an abscess

As in the magazine “Irish Medical Journal” reported, a 33-year-old Irishman, the Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin, because he suffered pain severe, sudden back.

The Patient told the Doctors that had reinforced the complaints after Lifting a heavy object.

According to the figures, the 33 had a pain-Year-old in the past, chronic back.

Upon further investigation, noted the physician, an intense redness of the skin, as well as an abscess under the skin on the right forearm of the patient. Then you asked more precisely.

Man injected over 18 months cum

According to the report, the man admitted that he had injected his own semen intravenously as an innovative method for the treatment of back pain. He had developed this “cure” regardless of any medical advice.

Further questioning revealed that the man splashed his sperm already since one and a half years on a monthly basis.

Last Time, the route he gave, however, three “doses”, and the both intravenously as well as intramuscularly.

Due to the frequent injections, the tissue was hardened to the injection sites. In addition, a Papule and inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue (cellulitis).

The Patient was treated with antimicrobial active ingredients. The back pain of the man improved in the course of his inpatient stay and he decided to dismiss, without the treatment to complete.

Scientific studies to semen injections

The doctors wanted to know if there are scientific studies for the treatment of back pain with sperm, and launched a related Research.

Although they found an old publication from scientists at the University of Glasgow, on the impact of the hypodermic semen injection in rats and rabbits was reported, but no cases of intravenous administration, have been found in semen for injection in humans.

The authors point out that the current case demonstrated the dangers that can arise when lay people make Experiments with injections of substances that are not intended for intravenous application.

In addition, he also demonstrates the risks associated with medical experiments, before large-scale clinical researches were carried out. (ad)