Magnesium lowers high blood pressure

High blood pressure can Magnesium reduce, if there is a defect

Current studies point increasingly to the fact that, in addition to taking bludruck-lowering drugs, a number of measures in question, which can lower blood pressure in hypertension in a sustainable way. Regular exercise in the Form of endurance sports, weight loss and a healthy diet showed huge effects, with or without the intake of drugs. A current research indicates that taking can combat of Magnesium is also high blood pressure.

The society for biofactors e. V. underlines the importance of the Magnesium supply for the blood pressure. Studies have shown that a significant proportion of hypertensive patients suffering from a magnesium deficiency, the vasoconstriction is favored and in this way, the blood pressure increases, explained the experts. Because high blood pressure is considered the main risk factor for heart – and vascular diseases, could be reduced by a sufficient Magnesium supply to the Affected their health risk significantly, the communication from the society for biofactors.

Magnesium supplements can reduce blood pressure

The renowned hypertension specialist Prof. Dr. Klaus Kisters, chief physician of Medical clinic I, St. Anna-Hospital in Herne, Germany, pointed out at a lecture series of the society for biofactors explicitly to the importance of the Magnesium supply for the blood pressure.

According to the expert, the elevated blood pressure values often through a change of lifestyle and taking Magnesium supplements to normalize. This can have an impact, according to a statement of the hypertension specialists are taking the appropriate preparations, in both borderline as well as overt hypertension positive. As the expert of applied pharmacology and clinical pharmacotherapy of the Scientific Advisory Board of the society for biofactors, Prof. Dr. Joachim Schmidt, a specialist in pharmacology from Dresden, added, favours magnesium deficiency in addition, cardiovascular risk factors, such as the “vessel-damaging inflammation, Diabetes, and heart rhythm disorders.”

Magnesium deficiency is a significant health risk
As a result, numerous “epidemiological studies have shown convincingly that magnesium leads to lack of increase in the risk of heart and vascular diseases”, – said the specialist of pharmacology, on behalf of the society for biofactors. A simple change of diet is not enough usually, to resolve the under supply of Magnesium, Prof. Schmidt.

The expert recommends preparations made of special magnesium compounds, wherein the so-called Magnesiumorotat of “clinically relevant specificity” was, as the contained orotic acid also has heart-protective properties. This “vitamin-like substance” promotes the communication of the society for biofactors the health of the heart. “Clinical studies have shown that this combination improves the resilience and efficiency of the vulnerable and previously damaged heart, cardiac rhythm stabilized, and in addition, blood pressure values increased lowers,” stressed Prof. Schmidt.

A Magnesium deficiency can be symptoms such as muscle tremors, muscle twitches, leg cramps, tension, spasms, headaches, irregular heartbeat, tight feelings in the chest, brittle finger nails, tooth decay, and sleep disorders identify. The intake of sufficient Magnesium is the society for biofactors that are of particular importance for the health. (sb, fp)