Is it burning down there more often? You might have 'summer cystitis'

No one wants cystitis, but during the summer your chances of getting it can increase.

Women’s health expert for Effercitrate Tablets, Dr Catherine Hood, says: ‘Studies show that warmer weather increases the risk for UTIs.’

There are plenty of reasons for this to watch out for.

‘Summer is a time when we maybe drink more alcohol and eat salty snacks on picnics, increasing our risk of dehydration,’ she explains.

Dehydration can unbalance the pH of urine – leading to cystitis. This is also why it’s important to keep on top of drinking water during summer months, when you’re likely to be more at risk of dehydration.

‘We also tend to swim more and then sit in a wet bathing costume,’ Dr Catherine adds.

‘We also sweat more, including in the groin area – which can all encourage bacteria growth.

‘We may enjoy more sexual activity in the summer with sex from behind being especially bad for women who suffer with recurring cystitis.’

Studies show that sex-induced cystitis might make up around 60% of recurrent cases.

Though easily treated in most cases with self-care (such as, you guessed it, by drinking plenty of fluids) or a trip to the GP for a course of antibiotics, it’s obviously something you’d rather avoid.

Dr Catherine says: ‘To prevent recurring cystitis infections, aim to stay well hydrated, drinking two litres of fluid each day, wear cotton underwear and avoid tight fitting trousers, and always wipe your bottom from front to back when you go to the toilet.

‘Visit the toilet and empty your bladder straight after sex and drink a glass of water.’

Changes to your diet and lifestyle can also help prevent cystitis.

‘Don’t use perfumed products on your genital area and have showers rather than baths. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables,’ she adds.

‘Plus limit your intake of fruit juices, alcohol and sugary drinks and foods as they can irritate the bladder.’

If you’ve been confused as to why you’re getting UTIs more in the summer, you’re not alone – but now it’s time to pick up another glass of water.

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