In 2019 there will be significant changes in the health care

The changes in the year 2019 in the health sector

With the turn of the year and during the first months of the year 2019 of the important new regulations in the health sector enter into force. So, among other things, the additional contributions to the statutory health insurance funds will be taken from employers and employees in equal Parts, the Small self-employed to be relieved in the contributions and the waiting times at the specialist doctor’s appointments will be shortened. The most important Changes in Overview.

The Foundation of health knowledge has been summarized for the coming year 2019, the main Changes in the area of health, in a press release. Most people will probably first notice the new rules of the health insurance funds-additional contributions. From 1. January 2019 to be shared, the resulting additional contribution rates to cover the costs of the statutory health insurance of workers and employers. So far, the Insured had to bear these costs alone. On average, these costs amount to 0.9 per cent of the insurable income.

Small self-employed people pay less contributions

Entrepreneurs and self-employed with little income often had to pay disproportionately high premiums for their health insurance. From 2019, the minimum contributions for the self-employed are provided with which the Insured voluntarily in the statutory health insurance funds. According to the Foundation’s health knowledge of the minimum decreases, therefore, contribution to health insurance for the self-employed from 360 euros to 156 euros.

Income threshold for private health insurance increases

Civil servants, self-employed, students, and freelancers can at any time switch to a private health insurance. Employees can do this only from a certain income. In the year 2018, this amounted to an annual income of at least 59.400 euros. In 2019, the limit is raised to 60.750 Euro. In addition, the so-called contribution assessment ceiling, indicating increases to increase the extent to which content contributions in the statutory health insurance funds on a percentage basis. Here will be raised in the year 2019, the upper limit of 53.100 euros in annual income on 54.450 Euro.

Appointment service and supply act comes into force

On 1. April 2019 to enter the so – called appointment service and supply act in force. This law required, among other things, Doctors, a minimum of 25 office hours per week for patients in the statutory health insurance. Previously, specialists were required only to 20 weekly office hours. In addition, established to offer physicians such as gynecologists, eye, or ear, nose and throat Doctors per week for at least a five – hour open office hours without appointments.

Social care insurance will be more expensive

The contribution to the social long-term care insurance is from the 1. January 2019 increased. Insured persons pay in the future, now half a percent more. Thus, the cost amounted to 3.05 percent of gross income. Insured persons without children pay now 3.3 per cent of the income.

Organized Colorectal Cancer Screening

Probably from the summer of 2019, the early detection of colorectal cancer is to be improved. Men 50 years and women aged 55 and over will receive an invitation for a free bowel cancer Screening by their health insurance. In addition, the Insured will receive assessments, information, investigations, privacy, appeal rights, and Program.

Other New Features

In mid-2019, the laws should be changed to organ donation. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn is to enforce the so-called double contradiction solution. In order for each person to be an organ donor, if he is actively speaking against it.

In the case of tonsil operations, and in the removal of the uterus, patients now have the legal right to a second medical opinion. Doctors must then, among other things, all documents relating to the finding out. This right should be extended in the future to more predictable operations.

If the patient from the care of grade three starting in January 2019, the reports should be simplified, if you take a Taxi to the doctor. With the Issue of the nursing degree these costs will apply in the future as approved and do not have to be requested. (vb)