How to sleep through the night on the hottest day of the year – Sleep expert reveals all

5. Use low-thread count cotton or bamboo

James recommends choosing sheets with as low a thread count as possible.

He explained: “The higher the thread count, the less breathable it is.

“Cotton is ok in hot weather, although it isn’t that great at wicking the moisture away.

“I would suggest using bamboo. It has longer fibres so breaths better and doesn’t lint so people with skin conditions are not as aggravated – it is also lighter on the body.”

6. Don’t worry too much about it

Easier said than done, but James says the biggest thing preventing us from sleeping is the thought of ‘I’m too hot to sleep’.

He said: “My advice would be to suck it up, accept that you might not sleep quite as well, but that it will probably be over in a couple of days and your body will more than likely make up for the poor sleep by giving you better quality sleep once the temperature drops.”

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