How does a vegetarian diet has on our health?

Health benefits by the correct plant-based diet

There are many reasons for this, the consumption of meat set. No matter whether it is idealistic, taste or health reasons: vegetarian diet is a Trend that is growing in popularity. However, vegetarians also have a lot of prejudices to face. Many people believe that with a meat waiver of a nutrient deficiency is associated. What happens to our body when we stop eating meat?

According to the Institute for Demoskopie Allensbach (IfD), and the market and opinion research Institute YouGov, approximately eight million people in Germany are vegetarian. Around 1.3 million people are Vegan and eliminate all animal products. In recent years, an upward trend in the vegetarian diet could be observed. In addition, many people adjust their consumption of meat, but at least reduce. Many people wonder, what is the impact of a meat-renunciation of the body and the health.

Numerous health benefits

“A plant-based diet has a positive effect on the health”, the vegetarian food and agriculture organization ProVeg on your website. A full-fledged plant-based diet could help the majority of civilization diseases. According to ProVeg was evidenced by several studies that a plant-based diet prevents against osteoporosis, the risk for type 2 Diabetes reduces, in front of high blood pressure protects, Obesity prevented, and as a prevention against kidney and heart diseases.

Meat is for many heart diseases and cancer are responsible

In recent years, numerous studies on the topic of meat consumption have been published. For meat lovers, not so good news, however, was this:

200 grams of meat a day increase the risk of a quick death by 23 percent, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Very high cancer risk from processed meat consumption, writes the International Journal of Cancer.

Who consumed no red meat, reduces the risk of serious heart disease already after three to four weeks, emphasizes the European Heart Journal.

International Researchers agree that from a health perspective, a high consumption of meat is not acceptable. Also, the world health organization, WHO, warns of the consequences of frequent meat consumption, and classified the processed meat as cancer-causing.

Prejudice: a Vegan suffering from malnutrition

Many people assume that nutrients are missing when you refrain from eating meat. The most well-known deficiency in plant nutrition iron deficiency is. Iron can be quickly covered by meat, this, according to the ProVeg but also many disadvantages. Because with the animal iron at the same time cholesterol and saturated fatty acids are included. The need for iron, however, can easily be met on plant-based foods, though some aspects are taken into consideration, such as:

  • Each day of iron-containing foods such as amaranth, lentils, parsley, or sesame seeds should be incorporated into the meal plan.
  • Citric and malic acid, fruit and vegetables with a high Vitamin C content, as well as onions and garlic promote the absorption of vegetable iron.
  • Heating, Fermentation, germination, Malting, iron-containing foods promotes the absorption of Iron.
  • Coffee, black tea and wine, inhibit, however, the absorption of iron and should not be consumed together with iron-containing food.

Protein cover by herbal nutrition

Another misconception about plant-based diets is that the protein requirements do not cover can. A plant-based diet offers a variety of good protein sources. “Among the vegetable foods, pulses such as lentils, peas, soy and beans as well as cereals such as rice, oats, millet, wheat, spelt and rye as protein suppliers of importance are above all”, writes ProVeg in a message. Soy products such as Tofu and Tempeh are also good sources of protein, as are nuts, almonds and seeds.


Vitamin B12 is almost exclusively found in animal products. It is an adequate Vitamin B12 intake, the prejudices about the meat-free diet is part of it. “With a vegetarian diet adequate Vitamin B12 intake possible,” stresses ProVeg. For pure Vegans, a sufficient recording is hardly to. Here must be helped with supplements, fortified food or Vitamin B12 toothpaste. (vb)