Hayfever cured by SEX: Britons can ditch nasal sprays as experts make astounding discovery

Allergy-stricken Brits could ditch nasal sprays and antihistamines and take up the more enjoyable things in life instead, they say.

Sex causes blood vessels in nasal passages to constrict helping to clear blocked noses and dry up runny eyes.

Pollen levels will rocket to ‘high’ across southern England this week with ‘low’ values forecast across the rest of the UK.

Experts have warned to stock up on antihistamines and tissues with some advising sneezing Brits to indulge in a bit of the other.

Symptoms of congestion ease after intercourse, according to research carried out at the Tabriz Medical University in Iran.

Max Wiseberg, airborne allergen expert and founder of HayMax barrier balms, said: “Pollen levels are set to rise this week so people with hay fever should be prepared to prevent the onset of unpleasant symptoms.

“There is also research which suggests that sex could help with the symptoms, so that may be something to consider although there may be some practical issues around timing and locations.

“However there is probably not a more pleasant way to deal with the symptoms of hay fever.”

Unfortunately with symptom relief linked to ejaculation it is just men who are likely to gain any relief.

Sina Zarrintan, neurologist and author of the study published in the journal Medical Hypotheses, said: “It can be done from time to time to alleviate the congestion and the patient can adjust the number of intercourses depending on the severity of the symptoms.”

Tree pollen levels will soar on Thursday and Friday before dipping to ‘Moderate’ at the weekend, according to the Met Office pollen forecast.

Winds will help to spread the tiny allergens with willow, birch, ash and hornbeam set to be the main culprits, government experts explained.

Allergy expert David Carson, founder of pollen-monitoring App HayFeverRelief, warned changing weather conditions may worsen symptoms in some people.

He said: “We have gone from a wintry sparing to a warm spring and that is going to affect people so it’s important to be prepared.

“Advice would be to check the forecasts and pollen levels in your area, levels are going to rise this week especially on Thursday across southern regions.

“Where pollen is high or even moderate, it is good to know this in advance, take antihistamines before as it will be too late when symptoms start to kick in.”

A spokesman for Allergy UK said: “People affected by hay fever symptoms should stock up on allergy medications and treatments.

“A pharmacist is a good source of knowledge on the wide range of treatments and medication available choices available to treat specific hay fever symptoms.

“Pollen can also be a trigger for those with asthma, 80 per cent of people with asthma will also have hay fever.

“Managing hay fever symptoms can help prevent exacerbations of asthma.”

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