Gaynor Faye health: Emmerdale star suffered an injury while filming scene for the show

Gaynor Faye, 47, has played the character Megan Macey in ITV’s Emmerdale since 2012, and an element of her performing on the show is making sure scenes appear as realistic as possible. Earlier this year, the star’s character caused a car crash that had devastated consequences in the weeks that followed. The actress, in real life, didn’t come out entirely unscathed after performing the stunt. The scene saw her character Megan send a text which then resulted in her crashing into the back of another character’s (Jamie Tate) car.

I always just go for it because I always think there’s nothing worse than a bad stunt, or it looking like they haven’t actually hit something

Gaynor Faye

Gaynor said she sat back and let a stunt woman do the work, but suffered whiplash when she had to give a realistic reaction to the incident.

In April this year she revealed: “It was fine for me. For me, it was great.

“I just had to sit in front of a green screen and kind of go through the motions of the crash.

“I still gave myself a bit of whiplash though.”

She added: “I always just go for it because I always think there’s nothing worse than a bad stunt, or it looking like they haven’t actually hit something.

“Basically I didn’t do much of the stunt. I would’ve loved to because I love anything like that but I think they just wanted me to carry on doing some more scenes afterwards.”

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that’s caused by sudden movement of the head.

For some people it can get better within a few weeks or months, while for others it can last longer.

The injury occurs when the soft tissues in the neck become stretched and damaged.

Common causes include road traffic accidents and collision, sudden blow to the head during spot, a slip or fall, or being stuck on the head by a heavy object.

Symptoms of whiplash

So what symptoms should you look out for? The NHS lists five associated with the injury:

  • Neck pain and tenderness
  • Neck stiffness and difficulty moving tour head
  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain in the shoulders and arms

The health body adds: “Less common symptoms include pins and needles in your arms and hands, dizziness, tiredness, memory loss, poor concentration and irritability.

“It can take several hours for the symptoms to develop after you injure your neck. The symptoms are often worse the day after the injury, and may continue to get worse for several days.”

Treatment for whiplash

While whiplash usually gets better on its own, some basic treatments can help relieve symptoms.

These include keeping your neck mobile, taking painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, and doing exercises and stretches.

If you’ve recently been involved in a road accident or are experiencing the symptoms of whiplash, see your GP.

Another Emmerdale star who’s been open about their health in the past is Claire King.

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